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Cruise Packing List – 7 Night Cruise

by John the Wanderer
Norwegian Jade from Santorini

This article is cruise packing list. It is an article with a list of things that I always pack for a seven night cruise.

I love going on cruises and getting to experience life at sea.

Sunset at sea!
Sunset at sea!

Packing List for 7 Night Cruise

When I prepare for a seven night cruise there are always things that I pack to make sure I have everything I need but not pack too much. Below you will find the listing of items that I bring.

I will include some links as examples of some of the items that I pack. The links are generally affiliate links where I may receive compensation if readers use the links when making purchases online. I appreciate you considering using the links to purchase items on Amazon or other vendors.

Note: The below suggestions are for a male. For a list of how to pack for one week in a carry on for a women check out this article from Jen on a Jet Plane.

In addition, Prof Cruise has a packing list for women and men minimalists that you may find interesting. Check it out here.


Before you can pack you need a good suitcase to put everything in!

Over the years I have been a fan of TravelPro suitcases.

I generally prefer a soft-sided suitcase because of the reduced weight and the fact that you can get more in it that one of the hard-sided cases.

I generally prefer to travel with the carry one size; however, frequently when going on a seven-night cruise I will want to bring sunscreen or other items with me and I end up taking the larger bag.

Alternatively when I fly in a day early, I generally will order the sunscreen and any other necessities from a delivery service or I will buy them at a store.

For a hard-sided suitcase, I have found options from Samsonite to be excellent also.


Here are the electronics that I bring with me for a cruise:


Once I have my bag ready to pack here is a list of the clothes that I bring on a seven-night cruise.

  • Tshirts – 9 – one for each day plus two extra. I prefer the cooling type for most comfort. I get ones with different colors
  • Polo Shirts – four – I generally only wear these in the evening so I often will wear the same shirt more than one time during the week
  • Dress Shirts – two – When there are formal nights, there are normally two, so I bring two dress shirts
  • Dress Pants – one – when there are formal nights, I will bring one pair and wear each night
  • Jeans – two
  • Shorts – two
  • Swim Suit – two
  • Underwear / Boxer Briefs – 9 – one for each day plus two extra
  • Flip Flops – one – I prefer the Reef brand ones
  • AllBirds Travel Shoes – I use these for casual nights and formal nights. Specifically I like the Tree Runner in Jetblack. You might want a fancier dress shoe yourself, but for me I go with these to save space.

When I pack I roll the clothes in order to fit the most items in a small space.

So what that means if for the t-shirts – I will roll all nine of them together. I will do the same thing with the dress shirts and polo shirts together in one roll and then the jeans and dress pants in another. I roll the shorts and swim suites together in one also along. In addition, I roll the underwear as well.

MSC Meraviglia at colorful beach at Ocean Cay
Ocean Cay tropical scene


For toiletries I always bring the same items and generally keep them packed all the time in a travel size bag.

If I am bringing the checked bag, I will also bring gallon size Ziplock bags with larger bottle toiletries.

For the Quart Size Bag here are the things that I bring:

Checked Bag Toiletries

  • Full Size Spray Sport Sunscreen in 30 and 50 SPF
  • Full Size Sport Sunscreen in 30 and 50 SPF
  • Hand Soap
  • Alo for after sun care

First Aid Kit

I always bring along a first aid kit. It can be very expensive to buy medical supplies on a ship or in port, so I try to be prepared for basic things.

Here are things that I include in the first aid kit:

  • Bandaids – multiple types and sizes
  • Antibiodic oinment
  • Face mask – KN95
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Instant cold pack
  • Self Adhesive Wrap
  • Tweezers
  • Pain Medicine
  • Cold Medicine
  • Cough Medicine
  • Allergy Medicine
  • Covid Tests

You may find it easier just to buy a travel first aid kit and bring it with you every time you travel. Here are a could examples:

If you get either of those kits and you are not checking a bag, you will have to remove the scissors since they are not allowed in carry on bags.

Packing List

Hopefully this list will help you pack for a seven-night cruise.

Are you a fan of rolling your clothes for packing? Or do you prefer packing cubes?

MSC Meraviglia Deluxe Suite balcony view
Ready to Cruise


DaninMCI August 14, 2023 - 5:51 am

Speaking from experience, most cruise lines (if they see them in the x-ray, etc.) will confiscate extension cords and power strips. Usually, they give you a receipt and you can pick it up from them when you disembark.
Not 100% sure the Coppertone product is Reef safe which I think is hype but some excursions and places won’t let you use it.
The Allbirds link was caught by my cyber security filter and must have some odd cookies attached.

I’m not a big flip-flop person but the reef ones look nice. I like to dive on cruise excursions and recommend the Tilos Osmos swim shoes. They work great in the water, with fins, etc. but also very nice on the beach, rocky swim areas, etc. You might want to add an Amazon referral link for those. My wife and I have used these on many cruises, even to walk around town on pavement and they are great. I enjoy topsiders when walking around on deck but again I don’t like flip-flops.

John the Wanderer August 23, 2023 - 2:29 pm

Oh wow! I haven’t had that happen to me yet. I think it must depend on the type? I have had old ones and the newer ones that are marketed as allowed via the cruise lines and have not had an issue. Mayne next sailing will be different.


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