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Carnival Adds Disembarkation Options

by John the Wanderer
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Carnival Mardi Gras in Grand Turk

This article is Carnival Adds Disembarkation Options. It is about improvements to the Carnival App for onboard experience.

Carnival Mardi Gras up close in Nassau - New Disembarkation Option
Carnival Mardi Gras up close in Nassau

The last day of a cruise is never fun because you know the fun is over. Normally it means having to get luggage tags and put your bags outside the room the night before then wait around in lines until you can get off the ship.

With Carnival the process has been different than other cruise lines in that you would go to the lobby and select a luggage tag corresponding with the time for your flight. It was a self service or first come first serve option.

Carnival recently announced improvements to the Disembarkation Process using the cruise lines app.


Carnival uses an app called the HUB for guests cruise experience while on the ship. The app has typical features including menus, schedule of activities as well as a pay for chat option for guests.

The app also allows you to pre-book options prior to your cruise including Cheers, Dinning and Shore Excursions.

Carnival Mardi Gras Room King Bed View - Room 10334 - New Disembarkation Options
Carnival Mardi Gras Room King Bed View – Room 10334

The app is pretty straight forward and it worked while I was on Mardi Gras earlier this year.

New Disembakation Options

The HUB App is adding a new feature that will make the disembarkation process easier.

Guests can use the app to select a disembarkation time and enter the number of bags that you will be putting outside your room the night before.

After guests complete that process, luggage tags are delivered directly to your room rather than having to go wait in a line to pick them up.

Carnival calls the new feature Digital Debark.

Within the app, guests can also choose to take off your own bags and get off the ship at the beginning of the process.

The new feature is available on several ships currently and will be rolled out to the remainder of the fleet in February, 2024.

The ships where it is currently available are: Carnival Elation, Carnival Conquest, Carnival Sunrise, Carnival Dream, and Mardi Gras.

Hopefully the new process will be smooth for guests. If possible, I generally prefer to take my own luggage off and then I can leave whenever I want to.

Other Improvements

Carnival also created some additional enhancements for 2024.

Some of them include being able to pre-reserve the cruise lines popular behind the scenes tour, which makes it easier to plan in advance.

In addition, Carnival is changing its Chef Table experience into Chef Table 2.0 which will include new appetizer options with drink pairings, a tour of the kitchens and then a full gourmet meal experience.

Carnival Changes

Carnival Adds Disembarkation Options and other changes are positive improvements for the cruise line.

What are your thoughts on the changes?

Carnival Mardi Gras in Grand Turk
Carnival Mardi Gras in Grand Turk

I enjoyed my experience on Mardi Gras earlier this year. You can read about the experience here.

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Christian December 29, 2023 - 10:58 pm

Seems like a scam to take away what was free and either limit the availability or charge you for it.


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