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Royal Caribbean Stowaway Cat

by John the Wanderer
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Royal Caribbean Stowaway Cat

This article is Royal Caribbean Stowaway Cat. It is about a cat that was a stowaway on Ovation of the Seas in New Zealand earlier this year.

The featured image is from Royal Caribbean.

Stowaway Cat was transported on Ovation of the Seas
Royal Caribbean Ovation of the Seas – Photo by Royal Caribbean

Ovation of the Seas was relocating to Australia and New Zealand for sailings in the region when the cat was discovered.

Royal Caribbean does not allow pets to travel on its cruise ships. Service animals are allowed under some circumstances.

It is unclear how this cat was brought on the ship since all guests are screened and all bags go through xray machines. The cruise lines assume the cat was snuck onboard by someone wearing oversized clothing.

Stowaway Cat

Earlier this year, crew found a cat in New Zealand when Royal Caribbean Ovation of the Seas first sailed there.

The cat or the owner of the cat did not have permission to travel with the cat or to bring the cat to New Zealand.

The New Zealand authorities did an investigation and they did not charge any passenger about the cat.

The cat was placed in quarantine after being discovered.

Stowaway Cat on Royal Caribbean
Royal Caribbean Stowaway Cat – Photo from Royal Caribbean

The cat is named Ovie by the crew on Royal Caribbean.

The cat sure is a cute one so I am glad he is okay after having been placed in quarantine.

Ovie Adopted

Royal Caribbean assumed responsibility for the costs associated with Ovie being in quarantine and further travel expenses.

Once the cat made it through the quarantine in New Zealand, he made a long journey to Florida on Royal Caribbean’s dime.

The story has a happy ending because Ovie was just adopted by a Royal Caribbean Staff Member who lives in Florida and now the cat gets to bask in the warm Florida sun!

What a heartfelt story!

I can’t imagine the experience was fun the for cat. Hopefully he is enjoying his time in the sun now that he is adopted!

This article was first noted on Cruise Hive. You can read the original article here.

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