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Royal Caribbean Stats from 2023

by John the Wanderer
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Perfect Day at Coco Cay from ship

This article is Royal Caribbean Stats from 2023. It is about Royal Caribbean and some statistics about cruising from 2023.

Miami Port Terminal A
Miami Port Terminal A

It is always impressive arriving at the RoyaL Caribbean Terminal A in Miami. I am excited to return in a few weeks for Icon of the Seas.

You can read about my experience on Royal Caribbean this year when I went on Freedom of the Seas!


This week, Royal Caribbean released a number of statistics about 2023 and cruising.

Some of them are quite impressive and they are a reminder that cruising is complety back after Covid and the restart!

Total Guests

In 2023, Royal Caribbean took Six Million Passengers on vacation during the year!

a cruise ship with a water slide
Icon of the Seas – Photo from Royal Caribbean

With all the people who love Royal, of course that includes lots of people going more than once, but 6,000,000 passengers is really impressive!

Its no wonder, Royal is ready to introduce Icon of the Seas to guests.

Ice Cream

Ice cream Royal Caribbean
Ice cream

Royal Caribbean serves a lot of ice cream on the ships. Many guests love to grab one at the buffet or near the pool.

In 2023, Royal Caribbean served 14.5 Million Servings of Ice Cream!

Its no doubt that most of the ice cream came via the soft serve machines! But there is something about ice cream for dessert that is an awesome treat!


Perfect Day at Coco Cay from ship
Perfect Day at Coco Cay from ship

Perfect Day at Coco Cay is Royal Caribbean’s famous beach resort in the Bahamas. They serve up a popular tropical drink called Coco Loco!

In 2023, Royal Caribbean served 175,000 of the tropical concontion!

I visited the island in 2023 and enjoyed one by the pool!

Ports of Call

In 2023, Royal Caribbean visited a lot of ports! In fact, over the course of the year, the cruise line visited 252 ports worldwide!

I visited some new ports in 2023 including ones in Europe, Canada and a couple new Caribbean islands.

What is your favorite port of call?


One of my favorite things on cruises is going to a show in the theater. Royal puts on a lot of shows including some on ice, some on water and some in a typical theater space!

Fun show in the theater on Royal Caribbean's Celebrity Brand
Fun show in the theater

Over the 2023 year, Royal Caribbean’s cast performed over 12,800 performances!

Casino Wins

Casino is a big part of cruising. Royal did not disappoint this year as 82,135 jackpots were paid out in the casinos.

It was a bit year for casino offers with many people getting free cruises through matching casino status from the Las Vegas and Atlantic City casinos! I wonder if any of those people cashed one on one of those jackpots!

Exciting Things Ahead

Royal Caribbean has a lot coming up next year.

a man standing in front of a cruise ship
Icon of the Seas Godfather Messi! – Photo from Royal Caribbean

I am excited about my upcoming Icon of the Seas cruise on January 27, 2024. The Icon has sure been hyped over the past couple of years so it will be exciting getting to experience it first hand on the first public sailing.

Do you have a Royal Caribbean cruise coming up?

The Royal Caribbean Stats from 2023 are impressive that’s for sure!

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