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Cruise News: Santorini: Romantic, Charming, Iconic

by John the Wanderer
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Santorini from the water at golden hour

This article is Santorini: Romantic, Charming, Iconic which is the featured article for this cruise news update.

I read a lot of articles each week. When I see interesting ones, I save them so that I can share them with readers on the blog. These are some of the articles I saw this week.

Santorini from the water at golden hour
Santorini from the water at golden hour

Santorini: Romantic, Charming, Iconic

This is a timely article about Santorini. The island is so beautiful and I had an amazing time on my recent visit. Given my experience, I understand why this writer described the island as Romantic, Charming and Iconic. I loved seeing the views of the white buildings as well as the beautiful flowers that showed up in lots of locations on the island. You can’t miss going to Oia when you visit! You can read about my experience in the highs and lows of Norwegian Jade article.

Norwegian Viva Trip Report: Embarkation Day

Norwegian Viva is currently on an initial four-night sailing. The writer of the article got invited by Norwegian on the special sailing and this is a review of his experience on the first day. The experience is similar to my sailing on Prima from earlier this year and the report about the canceled Beetlejuice performance matched the article earlier this week. The room that this writer got assigned is large and looks amazing.

This was my experience sailing on Prima earlier this year.

Virgin Bartender Wins Bartender of the Year Competition

This is some exciting news for Virgin Voyages where their start bartender won an amazing competition where he was named Bartender of the Year. I am sure it was a fun celebration and it would be awesome to watch Danny Judge mix of drinks which won him the title of Bartender of the Year!

Have you experienced Virgin Voyages yet? I loved the amazing meals and beautiful ship. It was a refreshing new look on cruising. Book your next Virgin Voyages cruise here.

Overboard Passenger in Hawaii

In some sad news, this article is about a passenger who went overboard in Hawaii on Emerald Princess. Hopefully the crew is able to locate the missing passenger and that there will be a happy ending to this story.

Have you ever sailed when a passenger went overboard? It is really sad when it happens. I hope the missing passenger will be found soon!

Cruise News

That was a few of the articles that I found over the past few days. Did I miss any that you found interesting? Please comment below and I will share them on a future news update.

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