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Cruise News: Jimmy Buffet Memorial

by John the Wanderer
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This article is Cruise News: Jimmy Buffet Memorial. It is a news update of interesting articles from the week.

I read a lot of articles each week. When I find interesting ones, I save them so that I can share with readers of the blog. These are some of the articles that I think you should read this week.


Tribute to Honor the life of Jimmy Buffet

It is sad learning of the passing of Jimmy Buffet this week. Jimmy Buffet had a huge following of parrot heads who were an incredible community. The singer frequently performed about tropical destinations and enjoying time with friends and family. It is sure sad to learn about his death. This article talks about different ways that cruise lines have been honoring the life of Jimmy Buffet. Let’s raise a glass to the memory of amazing person.

Do It Yourself Alaska Excursions

Cruise shore excursions are getting very expensive these days. I just looked up one that said it was on sale for 45% off but the cost per-person was $225 after the discount…. The writer of this article suggests booking excursions on your own. I have done this via Expedia, TripAdvisor, Viator and Shore Excursion Group and have saved a lot of money off of cruise line prices. Alaska shore excursions really are expensive so perhaps some of these suggestions can help!

Please consider using my links when booking your shore excursions. Thanks for your support!


Do you like surprising people? I think it can be fun to do with travel. I like the idea of a photo book sharing memories from a past trip and introducing the next trip. In addition, the message in a bottle idea sounds fun as well.

The article has some good ideas to make a surprise cruise memorable. Have you ever done a surprise cruise reveal?

15 Things Not Included in the Price of a Cruise

Cruises are getting to be very expensive these days. With the cruise fares increasing frequently it is important to remember all the extra things you will need to pay once you book a cruise. This article brings up 15 of those additional cost items. From Specialty Dinning to drinks to shore excursions, you really need to budget a lot of extra money. And if you want to do a spa or other item keep in mind those are very expensive.

Cruise News

From the Jimmy Buffet Memorial to additional costs for cruises there were a lot of interesting articles this week. Did I miss anything you found interesting? Comment below and I can share on a future news update.

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