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Disney Treasure Cool Details

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Disney Treasure

This article is Disney Treasure Cool Details. It is about Disney’s newest ship the Disney Treasure.

Disney Treasure
Disney Treasure photo by Disney

Disney Cruise Line will be launching the newest ship Disney Treasure in December, 2024 and bookings will be possible beginning this month. The public sales will start on September 20, 2023; however, those with loyalty status on Disney will have options prior to that date.

Disney Treasure

Disney Treasure is a sister ship to Disney Wish, which launched within the past few years.

Guests have raved about Disney Wish including the cool suite options as well as the fact that everything is done in the Disney Style.

The Disney Treasure was announced on YouTube:

Disney Treasure Reveal

This is a pretty long video but it is epic Disney with a great theme!

Treasure Highlights

Grand Hall

The Grand Hall which is the atrium will be themed based on Aladdin. It will be a great gathering space.

The ship theme will be Adventure and you will be able to see the details throughout the Grand Hall and ship.

Grand Atrium on Disney Treasure - Photo: Disney
Grand Atrium on Disney Treasure – Photo: Disney

Family Hub

The Family Hub will by called Sarabi and it will be themed from the Lion King with the great rock as a central feature.

Sarabi Family Hub on Disney Treasure
Sarabi Family Hub on Disney Treasure – Photo by Disney

The area will offer daytime family entertainment and then convert to adult-exclusive evening entertainment.


The ship will feature a attraction at sea called AquaMouse: Curse of the Golden Egg. This feature will plunge guests into an area of Mickey Mouse animated short scenes initially and then it will flow through 760 feet of winding tubes and awesome vibes.

Aqua Mouse: Curse of the Golden Egg
Aqua Mouse: Curse of the Golden Egg on Disney Treasure – Photo by Disney

The ride will offer views of the ocean and the ship.

It will offer an all-new storyline focused on Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse.


The ship will feature the classic Disney Show Beauty and the Beast as a highlight to entertainment.

In addition, the Disney Seas Adventure will also provide a thrill for audiences.

The ship will also offer a lot of popular Disney Cruise Line entertainment options and will have fun for the entire family.


Disney Treasure will feature a cool theatrical dining concept called Plaza de Coco. The dining experience will be based on the Disney and Pixar film Coco.

Plaza de Coco on Treasure
Plaza de Coco on Treasure – Photo by Disney

Disney is offering two chances to dine in this location during each sailing with different experiences each night.

Jumbeaux's Sweets
Jumbeaux’s Sweets – Photo: Disney

A new sweet treat location will open as well called Jumbeaux’s Sweets which will offer amazing treat for your sweet tooth.

Inaugural Sailing

The inaugural sailing for Disney Treasure will be December 21, 2024. The sailing will a seven-night Eastern Caribbean offering.

The Treasure will offer alternating Eastern and Western Caribbean itineraries departing from Port Canaveral following the inaugural sailings.

Bookings Begin

Bookings for the new ship begin on September 20, 2023 for the general public. Guests with Disney status may book as early as September 12, 2023.


There are some Disney Treasure Cool Details coming on the new ship!

You can learn more about the details from Disney here.

Disney fans old and young will enjoy the experience.

Have you sailed on Disney Cruise Line?

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