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Cruise News: Retiring to Cruise Year Round?

by John the Wanderer
Discovery Princess Aft View

This article is Retiring to Cruise Year Round. It is a cruise news update with the key story about a couple that recently retired and took back to back cruises over the past year.

I read a lot of articles each week. When I see interesting ones, I save them so I can share them on the blog. Here are some of the articles you should read.

Couple Sails into Retirement with 51 Back-To-Back Cruises

Discovery Princess Aft View
Year long aft view??

It seems as if lately we are hearing more and more stories about people who are retiring and living on cruise ships. It is interesting thinking about it and perhaps the cost would be consistent with owning a home or renting over the course of the year. This article focuses on a couple who sailed on 51 back-to-back cruises over the past year on Princess. The couple is from Australia and they started prior to the pandemic as well as about a year since the restart in Australia. Would you go on a year long back-to-back cruise? I recently met someone that does this on Carnival and there is a famous Royal Caribbean passenger known as Super Mario who has been living on ships for years.

Carnival Releases Q3 2023 Earnings and it is one for the record books

Cruise costs are up everywhere along with a lot of things impacted by inflation. It only makes sense that the cruise lines are reporting record profits. In this article we learn about how successful Carnival was for the last three months! Think $1 Billion in profit! No wonder my wallet hurts when paying for cruises!

Alaska Ports from a Holland America Passenger

This article is about a passenger who recently sailed on Holland America to Alaska. As we reach the end of the Alaska season, it is pretty exciting reading about some of their experiences. Alaska season this year had so many ships operating and I am sure it helped with the Carnival reaching the $1B in profit from the quarter! Alaska is beautiful but keep in mind the shore excursions are very expensive with many exceeding $200 per-person. It makes sense that this writer did a lot of touring independently. I am sure the fast car that they rented for the day must have been awesome!

Oceana Cruises New Vista Review

Oceana Cruises is owned by Norwegian Cruise Line and it is known as a luxury line. In this review, the author sailed on one of the first cruises on the new ship. It sounds like the experience was good overall and that the ship has a lot of great amenities including good internet with Starlink. Have you sailed on Oceana?

Cruise News

It could be pretty awesome Retiring to Cruise Year Round; however, I am not sure everyone can make the costs work. But it would be fun trying.

There were a lot of interesting articles this week. Hopefully you found these four to be enjoyable. Did I miss something you found interesting? Let me know and I can share it in a future article.


lars October 1, 2023 - 2:53 pm

No. Next question.

John the Wanderer October 1, 2023 - 5:09 pm

Yep it is pretty crazy to think about doing that many back to back cruises. It seems to work for the couple in the article though!

Johnna October 2, 2023 - 10:19 am

I would definitely try it…give it a year and see how it works out!


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