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Celebrity Ascent Completed Sea Trials

by John the Wanderer
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Celebrity Ascent

This article is Celebrity Ascent Completed Sea Trials. It is about Celebrity Cruise Line’s newest ship completing an important milestone in the ship building.

The featured image credit is Celebrity Cruises.

Celebrity Ascent
Celebrity Ascent photo by Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Ascent

The fourth ship in the Edge class for Celebrity Cruises is Celebrity Ascent. The ship is scheduled to begin public sailings in November, 2023. I am excited because I will be sailing on one of the first sailings in December.

The ship features the iconic Magic Carpet which is a extension of the ship that can move to multiple levels of the ship. The Magic Carpet serves as a the boarding area for tender operations as well as a food and beverage venue.

I love being on Magic Carpet at sailaway time for some good views.

Magic Carpet while at Sea
Magic Carpet while at Sea

The ship will also feature the iconic Sunset Bar at the aft of the ship where you can enjoy great drinks in a fun atmosphere and watch the world go by.

Sunset Bar on Celebrity Beyond
Sunset Bar on Celebrity Beyond

Sea Trials

Having Sea Trials is an important milestone in shipbuilding. Sea trials give a chance to test out the ship for safety and operations at sea.

The sea trials happen before the ship gets delivered to the cruise line and it is normally operated by the Captain as well as the shipbuilding staff.

The process is extensive and it is important to make sure that the ship is sea worthy.

The Captain will test the azipods and thrusters to make sure the ship can make important maneuvers in port and at sea in order to provide safe travel.

Sea Trials often gather a lot of media attention and they can become big events.

Celebrity Ascent Sea Trials

Celebrity Ascent completed sea trials on September 27, 2023. This important milestone moves the ship forward in preparation for the Inauguration on December 1, 2023 in Fort Lauderdale.

Ascent Sea Trials
Sea Trials Photo By Bruno Bouvry

Celebrity Ascent has not one but two famous Captains and they are brothers!

Captain Tasos Kafetzis and Captain Dimitros Kafetzis who are both legandary Celebrity Captains.

Captain Tasos is well known on Instagram and he posts a lot of funny content.

After the sea trials, Captain Tasos put together the below reel to show some of the maneuvers for the trials:

Pretty awesome moves!


I am looking forward to getting to sail on Celebrity Ascent in December! It is awesome that Celebrity Ascent Completes Sea Trials

Will you sail on Celebrity Beyond?

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