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Royal Caribbean Star of the Seas is Born

by John the Wanderer
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Star of the Seas is born

This article is Royal Caribbean Star of the Seas is Born. It is about the second Icon class ship for Royal Caribbean.

The featured image is from Royal Caribbean.

Star of the Seas is born
Star of the Seas is born – Photo by Royal Caribbean

Icon Class

This is Royal Caribbean’s second Icon Class. The cruise line has been in the news so many times about Icon of the Seas.

I am booked on the public inaugural sailing and am excited to check out the largest cruise ship in the world.

The Icon class will have so many amazing experiences including Central Park, numerous bars and dining venues and so many fun play areas.

When Icon went on sale it was Royal Caribbean’s largest booking week in history.

Star is Born

This week Royal Caribbean announced Star of the Seas which is the second Icon class ship to debut in 2025.

The ship is powered by Liquid Nitrogen Gas (LNG). LNG is a cleaner fuel for cruise ships.

Royal Caribbean said they will release more details about the ship at a later date, but that the ship will begin operating in Summer, 2025.

Royal Caribbean is committed to net-zero cruises by 2035. Moving to LNG is a step in that direction.


Icon class ships will offer at least six waterslides. The ships will include seven pools. Star of the Seas will offer 40 plus outlets for food and beverage.

The ship will also offer plenty of areas for kids and families to have fun!

You can read more in the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Press Release here.

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