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Royal Caribbean Makes Gift Cards Easy to Use

by John the Wanderer
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Royal Caribbean Gift Card

This article is Royal Caribbean Makes Gift Cards Easy to Use. It is about how Royal Caribbean reduced restrictions on gift cards to make them easier for guests to redeem for cruises.

The featured image is from RCI.

Freedom of the Seas sign
Freedom of the Seas Viking Crown Lounge and Sign

Cruise Gift Cards

Cruise gift cards can be good gift ideas for people who love cruises. You can use them for a lot of different purposes.

Traditionally Royal Caribbean has made it difficult to use gift cards because they could only be used for booking a new cruise and they would have to be used at the exact time of booking.

In addition, they often had restrictions as to how much money you could use from a gift card.

Other cruise lines have easier gift card policies. Carnival may be the easiest because you can use them at any time to pay for all or a part of the cruise fare. In addition, Carnival allows you to use them at the fun shop and you can even load them to onboard spending account once you are on a ship.

Royal Caribbean Gift Cards

Royal Caribbean Gift Card
Gift Card – Photo by Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean announced via email that gift cards are now easier to use.

The cruise line now allows the gift cards to be redeemed on the webpage to apply as payment for a cruise. You can now have your travel agent redeem them for your cruise fare as well. In addition, you can call Royal directly to apply the cards.

Onboard Spending

RCI now allows guests to use gift cards onboard the ship as well.

You can redeem the gift cards at guest services, who will apply the card value to your onboard account.

This will make it a lot easier to make use of gift cards!


Celebrity Edge
Celebrity Edge

In the announcement on the change of the terms, Royal now allows the gift cards to be used on Celebrity Cruises as well!

This is an important addition. I love sailing on Celebrity so it can give another option to pay for my cruises!

Gift Cards

Like any gift card, there can be some risk of fraud. When buying cruise cards, make sure you inspect the package to be sure it is not tampered with.

Royal Caribbean cards do not expire.

Hopefully this new development will make it easier for guests to cruise on Royal Caribbean and Celebrity.

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