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Airfare Deals Book Right Away to Avoid Loosing the Opportunity

by John the Wanderer
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On Friday I posted two great deals for travel to Europe and Hawaii.

The Europe deal offered several options for under $700 on American Airlines from multiple cities.

The Hawaii deal offered all the islands in the $520-$540 range on American Airlines from Atlanta and Minneapolis.

These were both attack type fares where American targeted Delta and United Hubs and posted a very low price in retaliation of a similar deal offered by Delta or United in American hub cities.

One thing that is true about these fares is they do not last and one should book them as soon as possible.

This is a strategy that other bloggers have described as chasing the deal not the location. I generally follow that approach as I look for flights to book in order to maintain status. I know that I love to travel and am open to different options so I monitor fare sales daily and when I see one that is a great deal I will book it and then make travel plans later.

Most airlines offer free 24 hour cancellation policies which mean that you can cancel 24 hours later if you can’t make other travel options work out.

American is unique in that it offers 24 hour hold instead of the 24 hour cancellation policy. This approach generally works for attack fares but it does not work for mistake fares as they will likely cancel mistake fares that were put on hold.

I made use of the 24 hour hold on Friday. I liked the Europe deal because it offered a lot of miles; however, I have already booked enough flights to re-qualify for Executive Platinum this year. Because of that, I did not book a Europe trip as it was only valid in 2015.

The Hawaii deal on the other hand was valid through February. My wife’s birthday is in February and we both love Hawaii. So I put two of the reservations on hold. One to Maui and one to Kauai. We still have some time remaining in order to decide which destination we want before booking.

I helped a co-worker book the Europe deal. He missed out on the opportunity for the summer deal on US Airways because he waited too long.  This time when I told him about it, we took the time right away to find an option that worked for him. He booked tickets to Milan and plans to tour the Italian countryside.

In summary, when you see these great deals book now or put it on a 24 hour hold and give yourself 24 hours to verify that the plans work. That way you will not risk loosing out on a great deal.

Did you purchase one of these great deals?


Lee @ BaldThoughts August 16, 2015 - 9:18 pm

I didn’t take advantage of these deals, but your post is a great reminder to act first and ask questions later. With the free 24 hour hold, it definitely makes sense to book now, then confirm with your spouse later. Have a great time in Hawaii! Look forward to seeing some great pictures.

Karen Petersmarck September 28, 2015 - 8:29 am

I had no idea that you could take 24 hours to firm up travel possibilities. That is very valuable information. Thanks, John.

John the Wanderer September 28, 2015 - 10:39 am

Yes on Delta you have 24 hours to cancel to get a refund. On American they offer a free 24 hour hold, but after you purchase it cannot be canceled.


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