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Trip Report – Sheraton Bloomington MN

by John the Wanderer
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a lobby with a large window

Sheraton Bloomington – 

I am currently a Starwood Platinum Member and need 25 stays per-year to maintain the status. From time to time I will do what is called a mattress run where I stay at a hotel simply for getting a stay credit.

I recently stayed the the Sheraton Bloomington Hotel. This hotel is located in Bloomington, MN near Minneapolis St Paul Airport. The hotel was recently converted from another hotel chain to Sheraton. In addition, the hotel was recently renovated and has a fresh look in the lobby.

Lobby 1















A large open seating area is present as well as the registration desk.

To the other side of the lobby is a new bar and gathering space.

Lobby 2

The lobby was comfortable to sit in and the bar offered a variety of beers on tap as well as wines.

During the visit, there was a wedding at the hotel and the lobby area had a lot of guests hanging out and they appeared to enjoy the space.

The check in process at the hotel was efficient. An agent that had an in-training name tag on, assisted with the registration process. The agent used my name and he acknowledged my Starwood Platinum Status and he offered an amenity. The agent informed me that I had access to the club lounge and he informed me where it was located and when it was open. He also provided instructions on the WIFI. The agent was friendly and he made me feel welcome.

I was assigned a room on the club floor which was on the Sixth Floor at the hotel. The club lounge itself was on the first floor and it appears that that part of the renovation process was not yet complete.

Upon arrival in the room, I noted new doors and locks as well as updated furniture.


Seating AreaThe desk and TV stand offered some storage space. The desk area was functional and the chair was comfortable.

The sitting area in the room offered a small table and one chair. The lighting level in the room was good.

The bathroom received some minor updates and it was noted to be clean.



The room overall was clean and comfortable. The view was the parking lot and the highway.


























I enjoyed the stay in the room and did not hear much noise from the hallway or other rooms.

I visited the club lounge in the evening and the morning.

Club Lounge

The lounge was in a meeting room on the first floor. A couple tables, a coffee bar, beverage station and buffet were all present in the area.

The room was clean and no other guests were present in the evening when I stopped by.

The evening reception offered coffee, fresh fruit, fruit and nut mixtures, granola bars, mini desserts, bruschetta and one hot item. The hot item was an Asian Flavored Meatball. Beverages that were available included Diet Coke, Coke Life, Coke Zero, Sprite, water, coffee. Surprisingly no regular Coke was available.

Club Lounge Evening Spread















I sampled bruschetta and meatballs. They were both fresh and had a good taste. The bruschetta had cheese and tomato topping that was seasoned well. The meatballs were served warm and they had a good flavor.

At breakfast, one other guest was present in the room when I visited.

The breakfast offering including coffee, fresh fruit, bagels, toast with jams and cream cheese, cereal, and one hot item which was scrambled eggs.

Breakfast Spread 2

Breakfast Spread





























I sampled the eggs and fresh berries. The eggs were served warm. The eggs had a good seasoning and they were enjoyable. The berries were chilled and they were sweet and they had a good taste and flavor. I also made a cappuccino. The machine functioned well and the cappuccino was hot and had a good taste.

During both visits, clean flatware, linens and glasses were present.

I checked out of the hotel in the morning and found the experience to be efficient. The agent greeted me when I arrived and he asked me about my stay and used my name. The agent offered to email the folio. I accepted and he confirmed my email address. The rate was prepaid as it was a last minute hot deal and I did not incur any additional charges; however, I never received the receipt.

Overall I enjoyed the stay at the Sheraton Bloomington hotel. The hotel is located several miles away from the airport but it is much nicer than the Four Points (which is closer and offers a shuttle) and in this case was actually less expensive. This hotel did not appear to offer a free airport shuttle. The webpage lists public transportation, taxi or pre-arranged private transfer.




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