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by John the Wanderer
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Shopping Portals – 

Everyone has to shop and shopping online is the easiest way to do it….

There are several shopping portals out there that people use in miles and points.

Chase offers a Ultimate Rewards shopping portal where you earn bonus UR points for each purchase.

The airlines offer shopping portals where you earn miles when you shop online.

There are also a ton of cash back sites.

I personally use Top Cash Back and Ebates the most and earn a little cash back with each purchase.

Some bloggers post a lot about using the shopping portals to get great deals.

Around the December holiday AA frequently offers promotions on miles for magazines and you get 30 to 40 x dollars in miles which is a pretty great deal. I know some people will subscribe to a bunch of magazines at that time as a way to buy miles for a very low cost.

One of the best things about TopCashback and Ebates as they frequently have a deal on buying gift cards online which can offset the fee charged for the card. For those that do manufactured spend, this can be a really good option. For that method, you buy the cards online that allow for pin numbers and then you use Target Prepaid Redcard or Walmart money orders to liquidate the money and then turn around and use bill pay to pay back the credit card.

Every day there are promotions going on on the shopping portals so it can be a lot of work figuring out which one to use.

I don’t do a lot of online shopping so when I do, I pull up both the Topcashback and Ebates webpage and type in the merchant and I look which ones gets the most cash back and then I click through using that link before I make the purchase.

The Frequent Miler posts frequently about deals on the online portals. Check out his blog for more information.

If you have not yet signed up for Ebates or Topcashback please consider signing up using my links. We both will earn bonus cash.

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