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Cancun Trip Report – American Airlines – Charlotte to Cancun

by John the Wanderer
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Charlotte to Cancun on American Airlines – 


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Cancun Trip Report – American Airlines – Charlotte to Cancun 

Date: October 18, 2015

Flight: American Airlines 883

From: Charlotte (CLT)

To: Cancun (CUN)

Aircraft: A321

Seat: 2D

We had a short layover in between the two flights in Charlotte so we walked directly to the gate for the Cancun flight. When we arrived, we discovered that boarding would begin within five minutes so we waited in the gate area rather than visiting the Admirals Club.

The gate and podium was updated to the American Airlines system and signage.

The gate agents made announcements welcoming guests and informing them about the process for boarding.

This flight was also upgraded for both us us at approximately 100-hours prior to the departure.

Within a couple minutes, first class was invited to board and the gate agent greeted us politely when we arrived. The agent was a little confused that I had a mobile boarding pass for the flight. I guess the US Airways system would have required a paper boarding pass to confirm that the documents were checked prior to the flight, whereas the AA App allows you to enter in the passport information to validate it.

After the agent scanned the mobile pass she acted surprised and then she thanked me asked me to board the plane.

Upon arrival at the door, the flight attendants welcomed us and invited us to our seats.

We took our seats and within a couple minutes a flight attendant asked if we wanted a pre-departure beverage. My wife and I both requested a vodka cran-apple drink and the flight attendant provided it quickly. IMG_2436

The boarding process with complete within about 25 minutes and the cabin was prepared for take-off.

The Captain and the flight attendants made announcements and provided the safety demonstration.

The taxi was short and we were up in the air shortly.

The Captain welcomed everyone onboard and made a brief announcement about the flight path. The flight attendants also welcomed everyone and they provided information about the flight.

My wife and I were greeted by the flight attendant and were offered beverages followed by a breakfast offering. The breakfast option included an omelet with sausage or oatmeal. My wife and I requested the omelet.

The flight attendant served the breakfast and she offered an additional beverage at that time.

The breakfast consisted of an omelet with cheese and sausage. The omelet was served with potatoes. A fruit plate was provided along with a roll. IMG_2437

The eggs were served hot. The omelet had a slightly sweet taste and the cheese was melted well and it had a good flavor. The sausage was also hot and tangy. The fruit was served chilled and it had a fresh taste. The roll was warm but it had a dry taste and flavor.

After my wife and I finished breakfast, the flight attendant removed the tray and she thanked us.

After serving breakfast, the flight attendant disappeared to the main cabin for an extended period of time. Upon returning to the first cabin, she did not offer additional beverages.

I approached her and found her reading at the jump seat. I asked if I could get an additional beverage and she acted a little like I was interrupting her, but then provided the beverage.

A little while later, the cabin was prepared for landing and a few announcements were made. Guests were told to not use phones until after going through immigration and customers in Cancun.

The plane landed on time and it had a short taxi to the gate.

The gate agent boarded the plane and he welcomed guests to Cancun. The gate agent also informed guests to not use their phones in the immigration and customs area.

As we departed the plane, the flight attendant thanked us and wished us a good vacation.

We walked to the immigration area and found a warm room with several different long lines. We joined one of the lines and found that it moved quickly. Within about 20 minutes, we reached the immigration officer and were both quickly admitted into Mexico.

We located our bags, which were already taken off the belt and placed along with the other bags from the lights. There were two different groups of bags from American flights. One by one of the baggage belts and one by another baggage belt. We found one bag with one group and another with the other group by the next baggage belt.

We exited the baggage area and approached customs and we were asked to push the button to see if we got a red or green light. We received a green light and were invited through.

Upon exiting the customs area, we entered a hallway bustling with activity with people trying to sell time shares. We knew to expect this so we just walked quickly by all the reps. At least four different sales people tried to talk with us but we proceeded to the exit where our pre-arranged transportation was waiting.

That area was also busy with activity but we found the company quickly and had a short wait before we were able to depart the airport and on our way to our vacation.

Overall, the flight was good. We felt that the flight attendant in first class could have been more attentive in the cabin. It felt like she did the basic meal service and then left the area. Despite that, the food was good and the drinks we had were enjoyable. We were excited for our vacation to begin.


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