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Cancun Trip Report – American Airlines – Charlotte to Minneapolis

by John the Wanderer
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Charlotte to Minneapolis on American Air – 

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Cancun Trip Report – American Airlines – Charlotte to Minneapolis


Cancun Trip Report – American Airlines – Charlotte to Minneapolis 

Date: October 23, 2015

Flight: American Airlines 1865

From: Charlotte (CLT)

To: Minneapolis (MSP)

Aircraft: A321

Seat: 4D


After clearing immigration and customs, my wife and I we returned to the terminal and discovered our flight would board within 10 minutes. We also noted it was the same gate that we arrived and the aircraft was the same as the one from Cancun according to the American Airlines app.

We waited in the gate area. The gate was not updated with the American Airlines signage and the screens displaying the flight were difficult to read as American, the flight number and the city were all in small type.

A few announcements were made and boarding began on time.

When we reached the gate agent, he welcomed us and asked us to scan our boarding passes. After we did that, he thanked us and he welcomed us to board.

The flight attendants greeted us at the door and they also welcomed us on board.

We took our seats and got ready for the flight. IMG_2559

A flight attendant offered a pre-departure beverage. I requested water and she provided it quickly. IMG_2562

The boarding process was complete within about 20 minutes.

The flight attendants welcomed everyone on board and they offered the safety demo.

The Captain made a brief announcement and there was a short taxi before we were up in the air.

The Captain welcomed everyone again and he provided details on the flight followed by some additional announcements by the flight attendants.

The flight attendant approached our seat and offered a beverage. I requested a tomato juice and the flight attendant thanked me and she provided it along with a nut mixture snack. IMG_2563

























A short while later, the flight attendant approached us and she greeted me using our name and she asked me if we wanted to have dinner. She informed us that they were serving a pasta with vodka sauce or shrimp and grits. The flight attendant described how each were served before asking for my selection. I ordered the pasta and my wife declined the meal. The flight attendant thanked us.

A few minutes later, the flight attendant returned and she presented a black table linen.

The meal was served a few minutes later. The flight attendant offered another beverage when she served the meal. IMG_2569

The pasta was served hot and it consisted of tortellini pasta that was filled with cheese. The pasta was soft and it had a good taste. The sauce was also hot and it was slightly sweet and creamy. The dish had a good taste and flavor. The pasta was served with a small salad and a multi grain roll. The salad was fresh and it had a good taste and flavor. The bread was served hot and it was fresh and had an excellent taste.

After I finished the meal, the flight attendant removed the tray and the linens and she asked if I needed anything else. After I declined she thanked me.

The flight attendant returned about 20 minutes later and she offered a baked on board chocolate chip cookie. I declined the cookie at that time and she thanked me.

A short while later, the flight attendant returned and offered a hot towel before landing followed by a mint.

The flight attendants prepared the cabin for landing and they thanked each guest for flying American.

The flight landed on time and there was about a 10 minute taxi to the gate. The plane arrived at one of the shared gates with Delta in the C-gate area.

As we exited the plane, the flight attendants thanked us and wished us a good day.

My wife and I proceeded to the baggage claim area. Our bags were delivered within five minutes of us arriving at the baggage claim and we made our way home.

Overall the trip was excellent. It was awesome to have a few days to relax in Cancun and the flight experience overall was excellent. We look forward to another trip with American Air in the future.


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