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Cancun Trip Report – American Airlines – Cancun to Charlotte

by John the Wanderer
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Cancun to Charlotte on American Air – 

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Cancun Trip Report – American Airlines – Cancun to Charlotte 

Date: October 23, 2015

Flight: American Airlines 886

From: Cancun (CUN)

To: Charlotte (CLT)

Aircraft: A321

Seat: 1C


Our trip home started with a 25 minute car ride to the airport via a private transfer.

When we arrived at the airport, the driver took us to the check in area for terminal 3. The area was busy with activity but we quickly located the American Airlines check in area.

The flight from Cancun to Charlotte was upgraded about one day prior to departure. When my wife and I went to check in using the American Airlines app we discovered that our seats were upgraded. We both checked in online.

When we arrived at the American Airlines check in area, we proceeded to the business class line and we joined a line with three other guests. After waiting for three minutes, we were invited to the desk. The agent welcomed us and he located our reservation and checked in our bags. The agent asked for our Mexican departure card and he printed a paper boarding pass and stapled it to it and returned the boarding passes to us.

The agent asked if we had Global Entry. I said that we did and he thanked us and he said we would go through that at Charlotte. I was surprised because I thought Cancun was one of the pre-clearance airports. The agent thanked us and he wished us a good trip home.

We proceeded to security, which took about 10 minutes before we entered the terminal.

The terminal was busy with activity and there were a lot of shops and duty free items available. We walked through some of the stores before visiting the lounge before our flight.

IMG_2566About five minutes before boarding time, my wife and I went to the gate area. The plane was ready for departure and the gate agents were welcoming guests and making announcements about the boarding process.

At the gate next to ours, we discovered a 330 for the American flight to PHL. That would be a good option to look into for next time, as that would allow lie flat seats as all the 330 aircraft featured that type of seating.

When we reached the front of the line for boarding, the gate agent took our Mexican departure card and they scanned our boarding passes before welcoming us to board.

IMG_2559Upon arrival at the aircraft, the flight attendant welcomed us and other guests. We took our seats and the flight attendant approached us a few minutes later and offered a beverage.

I requested a water and was provided one within a minute. IMG_2562

The boarding was quick and the flight attendants made the announcements before take off. In addition, the Captain made a few announcements and the flight attendants did the safety demo.

There was about a 10 minute taxi before the plane took off.

The route took the plane directly over the hotel zone in Cancun. It was cloudy but we were able to see views of the hotels and the beach for a few minutes. I had an aisle seat so I didn’t get any pictures of the take-off, but the view was pretty. It was a nice way of saying goodbye to Cancun.

The Captain welcomed everyone aboard and he provided details about the flight.

Once we were at a cruising altitude, the flight attendants were in the cabin greeting the passengers in the business cabin. The flight attendant first offered a nut snack as well as drinks. We ordered a rum and diet and a vodka cranapple. The flight attendant thanked us and she provided the soda cans as well as two bottles of alcohol each. IMG_2567

Once all the passengers were served drinks, the flight attendants prepared lunch. The flight attendant offered Red Snapper or a Vegetable Lasagna. I ordered the Red Snapper and my wife ordered the Lasagna.

The flight attendant served the lunch shortly after and she asked if we needed another drink. She also made rounds throughout the cabin to be sure we had everything that we needed.

The Lasagna was served hot and it consisted with some noodles with mushrooms, eggplant and zucchini with a tomato sauce. The pasta was slightly over cooked but the sauce had a good taste. The dish was served with a small salad with fresh vegetables and a tangy balsamic dressing. Bread and butter was also served along with mango flan. IMG_2568

The Red Snapper was served hot. The fish was light and flaky and it had a good seasoning. The fish was served with rice. A small salad with fresh vegetables were served on the side. The dressing was tangy. The bread had a good taste. The mango flan was served chilled. It had a light texture and a good mango flavor.

After we finished the meal, the flight attendant removed our trays and she offered additional beverages. She continued to circulate the cabin and she was excellent and very attentive.

As we approached Charlotte the flight attendants prepared the cabin and they thanked each guest for flying American. Mints were handed out just before landing.

Upon landing, there was a long taxi to the gate as well as some holding periods. The Captain informed the guests that the airport was congested at that time.

Once we reached a gate, the gate agent made an announcement welcoming guests but he informed everyone that customs and immigration were holding the plane until the area cleared. We waited for about five to 10 minutes before we were invited to exit the airplane.

We proceeded to the immigration area where there were plenty of Global Entry stations. We utilized the terminals and completed the immigration process quickly. The agent motioned us through when we showed them our printed receipts.

We located the baggage claim and it had numerous flights unloading as well as some bags stacked in the aisles. The area was somewhat confusing but an agent made announcements to direct guests to the proper baggage claim.

Our bags were delivered within 15 minutes of us entering the area and we proceeded to the Global Entry exit area. The officer greeted us and took our Global Entry forms before wishing us a good day.

We returned to the security line and utilized pre-check.

Once we were in the terminal we discovered our next flight would board in about 10 minutes so we proceeded to the gate.

Overall the flight was enjoyable. We felt that the flight attendant in business class was excellent. She made us feel welcome and she was attentive throughout the flight. We thought she went above and beyond the norm so it was an enjoyable flight.



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