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Trip Report – Delta – Minneapolis to Detroit

by John the Wanderer
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My flight review from Minneapolis to Detroit on Delta – 

I did a little traveling over the holidays and went on a quick trip home to Michigan to visit my family.

This mini trip report will include both my flights on Delta from Minneapolis to Detroit and back as well as my visit to the Sky Club at Detroit.

Trip Report – Delta Airlines – Minneapolis to Detroit

Trip Report – Delta Sky Club – DTW Main Club

Trip Report – Delta Airlines – Detroit to Minneapolis


Trip Report – Delta Airlines – Minneapolis to Detroit

Date: Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Flight: Delta 086

From: Minneapolis – MSP

To: Detroit (DTW)

Aircraft: Boing 717

Seat: 22C




















My trip home to Michigan was purchased by me over the summer when for some strange reason Delta released a sale from Minneapolis to Detroit for $250. I bought two tickets so that my wife and I could visit my family. Normal holiday travel prices tend to be $600+ so this was a great deal.

My wife and I arrived at the airport a little early as I was unsure about traffic, parking and security.

Upon arrival at the airport, it was pretty calm and there was no waiting at the check in desk. We were greeted immediately by a cheerful employee who welcomed us and assisted with checking the bag via the kiosk. She made light conversation with us as she prepared the bags. Once finished, the agent provided the bag claim check and wished us a good holiday and a great flight.

After checking the bag, we proceeded to the security line and there were only two other people in so it was a fast check in.

Once through security we had plenty of time to spare so I visited the Delta Sky Club using a day pass I purchased on Ebay. I recently reviewed this lounge. The experience was positive and I felt that the colleagues working there were friendly and efficient.

While I was at the lounge, I received notice via the app that the flight was delayed approximately 50 minutes.

We continued to relax in the lounge until around boarding time.

While we were walking to the gate we ran into Santa who was cheerfully greeting everyone as they walked by.

Santa invited my wife and I to take a seat on his lap and take a picture. The Elf’s hands were not very steady but it was a nice experience.


























Santa was giving most of the passengers a candy cane; however, we did not get one so we must have been on the naughty list… 🙂

After taking a picture with Santa we proceeded to the gate and found that the inbound aircraft had not arrived so we walked around for a few minutes and waited for the plane to arrive.

Within a few minutes the plane arrived and the gate agent and crew quickly turned the plane and boarding began. The gate area was a little congested with people; however, when our group was called we were able to join the line.

The aircraft was a Boeing 717. The aircraft was one of the new ones that Delta bought from Southwest (Air Tran). It appeared to be fully refurbished and the plane felt new inside.

Upon entering the plane, the flight attendants welcomed us warmly. IMG_2879 (1)




















We located our seats and found the newer slimline type seats with the updated tray tables.




















The seat was a standard economy seat. The aircraft was configured in a 2-3 setup for the economy cabin. Our seats were located behind the wing a few seats from the exit row.

There were power ports including AC and USB power at each row. This was a nice addition on this aircraft.


























The boarding process was very efficient and the aircraft was able to depart within about 15-20 minutes after boarding began.

The flight ultimately departed the gate about one hour later than the original scheduled time.

The flight attendants made a safety demo and the Captain also made a welcome message.

It was snowing outside while we were departing so the plane made a brief stop at the de-ice pad.

After about 10 minutes, the engines were turned back on and the plane approached the runway to take off.

Once in the air, the Captain welcomed everyone and informed us that it would be a bumpy ride. He said that the seatbelt sign would stay on for the majority of the flight.

The flight had moderate turbulence throughout the flight; however, the flight attendants still managed to do a beverage and snack service.

When the flight attendant reached our row, she greeted us friendly and offered a choice of beverages and complimentary snacks. I ordered a Coca-Cola and Biscoff Cookie.

The flight attendant provided the drink and snack and she asked us to enjoy.




















The flight is short so a few minutes after the beverage was served, the flight attendants began to prepare the aircraft for landing.

The flight landed about one hour and 15 minutes after take off. There was a short taxi to the gate. The flight attendants made an announcement asking guests to wait a few minutes for those that had tight connections. Everyone appeared to allow those passengers to depart.

As I approached the front of the plane two flight attendants and the Captain were present and they all wished my wife and I a good holiday.

Overall the flight was enjoyable. I was surprised that the flight attendants were able to offer the beverage service despite the fact that there was turbulence. That was a pleasant surprise and I was able to have a snack of Biscoff cookies


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