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Trip Report – Delta Airlines – Detroit to Minneapolis

by John the Wanderer
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My experience flying Detroit to Minneapolis on Delta –

I traveled over the holidays and went on a quick trip home to Michigan to visit my family.

This mini trip report will include both my flights on Delta from Minneapolis to Detroit and back as well as my experience at the Sky Club at Detroit.

Trip Report – Delta Airlines – Minneapolis to Detroit

Trip Report – Delta Sky Club – DTW Main Club

Trip Report – Delta Airlines – Detroit to Minneapolis


Trip Report – Delta Airlines – Detroit to Minneapolis

Date: Sunday, December 27, 2015

Flight: Delta 2793

From: Detroit – DTW

To: Minneapolis – MSP

Aircraft: A320

Seat: 15F and 15E


My wife and I arrived at the airport about 2.5 hours prior to our flight from Detroit to Minneapolis.

When we arrived at the airport, there was a medium size line to check bags and then a short security line.

After waiting for about 35 minutes or so, we were able to check our bags and then proceeded to the security line. There was no waiting in the Pre-Check line so we made our way through quickly.

After visiting the Sky Club at DTW, my wife and I proceeded to the gate a few minutes before boarding time.


























The gate area was crowded and there was a large group of other passengers standing in front of the boarding area. The gate agents made several announcements about when they would board and that if they were not in the group that that boarding they should clear a space for those that were. The passengers remained in the area and the boarding area was congested.

The gate agents made announcements welcoming guests, asking for bag check volunteers before inviting guests to board.




















My wife and I were assigned zone 1 thanks to my SPG Platinum Status. That status also got us one free checked bag each, which we did on this trip since we had gifts and more luggage than normal.

We waited for our group to be called before joining the line. We made our way through the large group of people in front of the gate and approached the agent.

The agent welcomed us and asked us to scan our boarding passes. Once we scanned them she thanked us and she welcomed us to board the airplane.

We followed the line into the jetway and once we reached the aircraft doors we were greeted by two flight attendants who invited us on board.

The aircraft as an Airbus 320 which was setup in 3-3 seating in the economy cabin. The aircraft has WiFi but lacks power outlets or USB power at the seats. The seats were standard economy seats.

We located our assigned seats and found that there was still space available overhead for our bags.


























My wife took the window seat and I took the middle.

We relaxed in our seats until boarding completed. The flight attendants welcomed everyone. The Captain also made a few announcements about the flight prior to leaving the gate.

Once the door was closed, the flight attendants did the safety demo and prepared the cabin for departure.

The plane made a short taxi before taking off.

The Captain greeted guests shortly after departure and he informed them that he was expecting turbulence for the first part of the flight.

A few minutes later the plane entered an area of a lot of turbulence. The Captain quickly made an announcement about it and said there was nothing to worry about and that he was adjusting the altitude for a smoother ride.

Once the aircraft leveled off and we exited the turbulent area, the flight attendants entered the aisle and offered a choice of beverages.

When they reached my row, the flight attendant greeted me warmly and asked what I would like to drink. I requested tomato juice and he provided it promptly along with a bag of pretzels. The flight attendant did not offer a choice between the three snacks.

The tomato juice was served chilled and it had a fresh taste.




















The aircraft was equipped with WiFi and Delta Studio. I attempted to use it and I followed the prompts after connecting to GoGo inflight and was able to choice from a selection of movies, television shows as well as music.





























There were a surprising number of complimentary content available.

I selected an episode of Big Bang Theory.

I had not streamed a show on my iPhone before so I was prompted to download the GoGo Video Player. The program downloaded at a moderate pace.






























Once it was downloaded, I was able to load the television show.

The quality of the video was excellent and there was no buffering or other delays during the playback.

I watched two episodes of the show during the flight. That was a nice way to pass the time on the short flight.





























About the time the second episode was finished the flight attendants announced that they were preparing the cabin for landing.

A flight attendant picked up my cup and she thanked me.

The Captain made another announcement before the plane started its decent for landing.

Once on the ground there was a short taxi before we arrived at the gate.

The flight attendants thanked everyone for flying Delta and they wished them a good day.

Once the plane stopped at the gate, the door opened and the passengers were able to get off the plane. As we were walking by the door two flight attendants and the Captain thanked us sincerely for flying and they wished us a good day.

The flight arrived early and it was a good flight overall.



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