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Trip Report – Delta Sky Club – DTW Main Club

by John the Wanderer
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My review of Delta Sky Club – DTW –

I traveled over the holidays and went on a quick trip home to Michigan to visit my family.

This mini trip report will include both my flights on Delta from Minneapolis to Detroit and back as well as my visit to the Sky Club at Detroit.

Trip Report – Delta Airlines – Minneapolis to Detroit

Trip Report – Delta Sky Club – DTW Main Club

Trip Report – Delta Airlines – Detroit to Minneapolis


Trip Report – Delta Sky Club – DTW Main Club


Our flight was scheduled to depart from A17 so we walked down to that area to go to the Sky Club near that gate.
















When we arrived at the Sky Club the door would not open and we noticed a sign stating that it was closed during the holiday week and it invited guests to make their way to the main club near the center of the terminal.


























My wife and I took the train back to the center of the terminal and proceeded to the Sky Club there.


























We entered the club and was greeted by a friendly agent who welcomed us and asked for our identification and boarding passes. I had two day passes that we used to access the club. The agent scanned our day passes and boarding passes and she stamped the passes so we could use them further that day and she invited us to enjoy our time in the lounge.

The check in area is down stairs and once admitted you take an escalator up to the second floor. IMG_2905

























The lounge is setup with several different seating areas which make the large club feel small.


























Once you exit the escalator, there were the service desk where the agents could assist with flight questions. To both sides there were small seating areas with drink stations. IMG_2909

























There were fireplaces and various decorations that made the area feel cozy.

Along one side of the club were another area with tables and chairs as well as a business center.


























Directly behind the service area was a large room with televisions that were set to the news. Above the televisions a running ticker with stock information.


























There were various tables and chairs present in that area.


























At the other side of that room there was the self service food and drink area. The area had two sides. Ones with sodas and beer and the other with mixed drinks. In addition at each side there were food options. There were three beer options including Miller Lite and two local Craft Beers: Latitude Layover IPA and Saugatuck Bonfire Brown. There were also various wine varieties including Malbec, Pinot Noir, Sauv Blanc among others. The wines appeared to be of good quality. There were also a variety of alcohol bottles available for self service along with mixers and fruit for the garnish.

IMG_2899 IMG_2900

















































We visited the lounge during the morning so breakfast offerings were available including oatmeal, hard boiled eggs, fruit salad, yogurt, bagels, muffins, jelly and cream cheese.


























In another part of the lounge, there were Starbucks espresso machines which were self service and they allowed you to select your favorite Starbucks beverage including Espresso, Latte, Mocha, steamed milk and water for gourmet tea.



















































In addition, cereal with two different types of milk were available.

The lounge was clean and there were plenty of servers walking around and picking up the used dishes and plates. The servers that walked by our table were very friendly and they were proactive in offering to remove our used items. The servers seemed happy and they made the environment enjoyable for all.

I selected oatmeal and some fruit salad from the self service area.


























The oatmeal was served hot and their were fresh raisins, brown sugar and granola. The oatmeal was rich and creamy and it had a great taste.

The fresh fruit salad was served chilled. It includes oranges, grape fruit, pineapple, and grapes. All of the fruit had a good taste and it was fresh.


























I made a Starbucks Cappuccino from the self service machine. The beverage was served hot. The espresso was rich and it tasted like one from a Starbucks. The milk was frothed and it was creamy.

We relaxed in the lounge for about an hour before we departed to walk to the gate.

As we were leaving, one of the servers smiled and made eye contact with us and cheerfully wished us a good flight.

Our departure was not further acknowledged.

Overall the lounge experience was excellent. I felt that the servers were friendly and polite and they made us feel welcome. It was nice that this was a self service club as it made it easier selecting drinks and it was more efficient. We would return to this club in the future.

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