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Big Week for Cheap Airfare

by John the Wanderer
a city skyline at night

Big Week for Cheap Airfare – 

Last week was a week filled with really good airfare deals.

It just makes me remember how important it is to stay on top of the deals.

I check Fare Deal Alert and The Flight Deal several times throughout the day. You should also. The best way to do that is to follow them via RSS or on Twitter so you see the posts when they happen.

This past week there was a sale to Beijing and Shanghai from all over the country for around $600 round trip.

Shanghai - Nighttime view 2 Big Week For Cheap Airfare

The next day, Hong Kong went on sale from many cities for around $550.

Big Week for Cheap Airfare

There were also deals from Chicago and Los Angeles to Tokyo for $450.

Big Week For Cheap Airfare

I also heard of a mistake fare to Australia for around $400 round trip from New York or Los Angeles. I am not sure if those worked out for anyone. But I know if I lived there I would have tried booking one that is for sure. It was a Sky Team deal though…

Amazing deals.

I booked a trip to Shanghai on American Airlines in April. The next morning I saw the deal to Hong Kong. I searched but could only get the same weekend in April that I booked Shanghai. I like Hong Kong better because you do not have to deal with the Internet issues. Unfortunately, I could not make any other dates work so I missed out on that deal.

Were you able to book any of these? I know a couple people that managed to book a few of them. A great way to earn American Executive Platinum. Plus if you travel earlier in the year you still earn a lot of redeemable miles! That changes later in the year when the revenue model kicks in.


Photos: Shanghai – My own, Hong Kong and Tokyo – flickr on Fare Deal Alert/TheFlightDeal


Lee Huffman February 27, 2016 - 7:12 pm

I was able to book the Australia from LAX fare. I had 4 tickets (plus a lap child) booked to Melbourne in August. Unfortunately, after speaking with my wife and friend, I had to cancel the tickets because neither of them have enough vacation time. I was VERY tempted to keep the ticket for my son (Timmy) and me, but decided against it.

For all your readers… if you see a fare sale, jump on them now and cancel later if you have to. Just make sure it allows for the 24-hour refundable window.

John the Wanderer February 28, 2016 - 6:48 am

That is too bad you couldn’t keep your reservation. It would be nice to visit Australia one day.
I heard that there was a deal from New York yesterday to SYD via the Middle East that was $450. That would be one of those ones to buy right away! I don’t think it would have earned anything on AA but it was an amazing price.


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