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American Admiral’s Club – Miami D30

by John the Wanderer
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Admiral’s Club Miami D30 – 

To celebrate my wife’s birthday we traveled to Miami as well as the Bahamas on a four-day cruise on Norwegian Sky from Miami to the Bahamas.

The trip includes one night in Miami as well as the four night cruise visiting Nassau, Grand Bahama and the cruise line’s private island Great Stirrup Cay.

The report will be organized in the following posts:

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Miami and Bahamas Trip Report – American Admirals Club MIA D30

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Miami and Bahamas Trip Report – American Admirals Club MIA D30 – 



My wife and I visited the Admiral’s Club near gate D30 in Miami. When we arrived, there were two other guests waiting in line and two colleagues present.

Admiral's Club Miami D30

As we approached the desk, a colleague welcomed me and asked for my membership card. I provided it as well as my identification card. I used my Air Berlin Gold card. The agent asked for my boarding pass also and she scanned that and processed the registration. The colleague returned my boarding pass, ID and access card and she presented a coupon for a premium beverage. The colleague welcomed us into the lounge.

We entered the lounge and found it crowded with very few seats available when we first arrived. We walked around the lounge and noted a few open single seats. After walking a little more around the lounge, we found two chairs together so we took a seat there.

Admiral's Club Miami D30

The lounge in Miami at this location has several different seating sections with chairs, coaches and small tables. There are also windows that overlook the tarmac.

A large main bar is present in the middle of the club as well as various bar seating around it.Admiral's Club Miami D30

There are two food stations in this lounge. One with soup, crackers, cheese, hummus , salad, vegetables and cookies. The other station has cookies only as well as a snack area that was located near the bar.Admiral's Club Miami D30 Admiral's Club Miami D30Admiral's Club Miami D30Admiral's Club Miami D30

The lounge has a for purchase food area where you can order sandwiches, pasta, salads as well as several other items.Admiral's Club Miami D30

Colleagues were circulating the room to remove used dishes and glasses and to clean the location. In addition, the colleagues were constantly cleaning and re-stocking the food station.

I approached the bar and found two bartenders present and several other guests were waiting. After waiting for about two or three minutes, one of the bartenders greeted me and offered to prepare a beverage. I requested Bud Light and the bartender prepared it in a chilled glass. The bartender offered additional assistance. After I declined he thanked me.

The beer was served chilled and the glasses were cold. The beer had a good taste.

From the snack area I selected vegetables, tomato and ranch dressing

.Admiral's Club Miami D30

The vegetables were served chilled. The celery was fresh and it had a good taste. The carrots were also fresh and sweet. The tomato had a good taste and was fresh. The ranch dressing was also chilled but it was slightly watery and lacked a good taste.

My wife and I relaxed in the lounge until our flight was ready to board.

There were various Miami and beach themed artwork throughout the club. An example was the following picture of a person swimming in clear water.

Admiral's Club Miami D30

The lounge remained busy throughout the visit. The colleagues that we interacted were friendly and polite.

This lounge offered several showers and it had a business center area. I did not utilize these services on this visit.

When we were ready to depart we proceeded to the elevator area and a colleague thanked us and wished us a good day as we we walked by their desk. We were also thanked on the lower level as we passed by the check in desk.

The visit was enjoyable. We were able to relax prior to our flight. I’ve visited this lounge in the past and typically find it very busy. Fortunately, we found some chairs that were together for this visit. The colleagues that we encountered were polite and we felt that our visit was appreciated.


The Traveling Millennial February 27, 2016 - 2:31 pm

I would have been in this exact lounge yesterday if my plane had landed on time (some lady forgot important medicine in her checked baggage–she realized this as we were about to taxi).!

John the Wanderer February 28, 2016 - 6:46 am

That lounge is usually pretty full in the late afternoon and evenings. So you did not miss much.


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