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Shanghai Trip Report – Admiral’s Club DFW D24

by John the Wanderer
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Shanghai Admiral’s Club DFW D24 –

I returned to Shanghai for my second visit and have put together the following trip report:

After my first flight, I walked over to the Admiral’s Club located near D24. When I arrived, there was a line of about four people near the entrance. I joined the line and within a few minutes, an agent welcomed me and invited me to the desk.

Shanghai Admiral's Club DFW D24

I presented my boarding pass and she scanned it and she welcomed me into the club. The agent provided a First Class Dining invitation as well as presented two beverage certificates. The agent thanked me and she invited me into the club.

I took the elevator upstairs and found the lounge to be at about 80% occupancy at the time.

Shanghai Admiral's Club DFW D24

The lounge was clean and well lit and it was in good condition.

Shanghai Admiral's Club DFW D24

The seating area was arranged neatly and a variety of types of chairs were located near the windows offering an excellent view of the gate area and runways.

Shanghai Admiral's Club DFW D24

I located a seat and relaxed for a few minutes. It appeared that the seating was recently updated to provide a few different chair options near the the windows.

A food station was setup in two areas in the lounge. The food area was in good condition and a variety of items were available including bagels, pastries, cereal, fresh fruit and snacks. In addition, a coffee machine was provided along with flavored water. The dishes and plates at the station were clean and the food items were well stocked.

Shanghai Admiral's Club DFW D24Shanghai Admiral's Club DFW D24

The bar area was clean and there were several tables and chairs in that area. The bar area was busy with activity.

Shanghai Admiral's Club DFW D24

I approached the bar and a bartender welcomed me when I approached and she offered assistance. I presented the drink certificate and requested a Prosecco. The bartender thanked me and she provided the bottle as well as a large wine glass. The bartender thanked me and she asked me to enjoy.

Shanghai Admiral's Club DFW D24

The Prosecco was served chilled and it had a good level of bubbles and alcohol.

I relaxed while I enjoyed the beverage while watching the runway area.

About 40 minutes prior to my flights scheduled departure time, I exited the lounge area. When I walked by the reception desk on the lounge level there were a few agents present who were assisting other guests.

I took the elevator down to the main level and exited the lounge. When I was departing an agent thanked me and wished me a good flight.


The visit to the Admiral’s Club was enjoyable. The seating near the window was comfortable and it was nice to relax for a few minutes while I waited for my flight.


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