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Shanghai Trip – Sightseeing

by John the Wanderer
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a walkway with tall buildings in the background

Shanghai Sightseeing –

I returned to Shanghai for my second visit and have put together the following trip report:

Shanghai Trip Report – Sightseeing in Shanghai

I arrived in Shanghai in the late afternoon. After taking a taxi to my hotel. I got situated in the room I decided to go for a walk to check out the area surrounding the hotel.

The Grand Hyatt Shanghai is located in the business/financial area of the city. There were several walkways that were located above street level so you could easily walk in between buildings.

Shanghai Sightseeing

The walkway gave some great views of some of the largest buildings in Shanghai.

Shanghai SightseeingShanghai SightseeingShanghai Sightseeing

There were a lot of people out walking around that evening.

I walked along the upper level walkway for a while and took a few pictures along the way.

Shanghai Sightseeing

The hotel was located near the Shanghai Tower, which is the largest building in China.

Shanghai Sightseeing

I also took a few pictures of the icon TV tower that has become a tourist attraction in Shanghai. At night it is lit up in multiple colors and offers a great view.

Shanghai SightseeingShanghai SightseeingShanghai Sightseeing

The following morning, I did more walking around and saw some of the buildings during the day time.

Shanghai Sightseeing

I visited a park which was located near the financial district. The park offered a lot of green space, water and an area to relax.

Shanghai SightseeingShanghai SightseeingShanghai SightseeingShanghai SightseeingShanghai SightseeingShanghai SightseeingShanghai Sightseeing

I took a ferry across the Bund to the area that offers a long walkway along the river as well as some of the shopping areas within the city.

Shanghai Sightseeing

The ferry was only 2 RNB and it runs frequently. At the time I arrived, I waited about 10 minutes for it.

Shanghai Sightseeing

The ferry itself was just a large room that offered inside standing as well as a smaller area on the outside.

The ride itself lasted about 10 minutes.

Once I exited the ferry I walked along the water and then visited some of the shopping areas in the city.

Shanghai SightseeingShanghai Sightseeing

I visited one of the landmark buildings that offered traditional Chinese design.

Shanghai SightseeingShanghai SightseeingShanghai SightseeingShanghai Sightseeing

I finished the day with getting lunch inside one of the shopping areas before taking the subway back to the hotel.

Shanghai SightseeingShanghai Sightseeing

Overall it was a good day. I enjoyed the opportunity to walk around the city for a few hours.

Shanghai Sightseeing



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