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Shanghai Trip – American Dallas to Minneapolis

by John the Wanderer
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Shanghai American Dallas Minneapolis –

I returned to Shanghai for my second visit and have put together the following trip report:

Shanghai Trip Report – American Dallas to Minneapolis

Date: April 18, 2016

Flight: American 2532

From: Dallas Fort Worth – DFW

To: Minneapolis – MSP

Aircraft: Super-80

Seat: 6E

My return flight to Minneapolis was upgraded at the 100-hour window.

The flight was scheduled to depart from the C terminal. I entered the terminal and noted that the security line for Pre-Check and for regular check in was quite long.

Shanghai American Dallas Minneapolis

I joined the Pre-Check line and counted around 30 people in front of me. The line moved quickly and after about 15 minutes I reached the front of the line. The security officer greeted me and asked me to scan my boarding pass. After he verified my identity he thanked me and wished me a good day. I proceeded through the security and exited into the terminal with about 20 minutes before the scheduled boarding time.

After making a quick visit to the Admiral’s Club for breakfast, I approached the gate as boarding began.

Shanghai American Dallas Minneapolis

There was a long upgrade list with about 30 people on it and it appeared that the majority of people in the gate area were Executive Platinum members as well. I was surprised that I received the upgrade in advance given that it was a Monday morning.

I joined the line and waited my turn for boarding.

When I reached the front of the line the gate agent welcomed me. After I scanned my boarding pass he thanked me and invited me on their aircraft.

Two flight attendants welcomed me at the door to the aircraft.

I was assigned seat 6E and I took my seat and noted that it was a standard first class seat on the Super-80. The seat reclined and power was available via an adapter.

The boarding process continued but was quick.

During the process, the lead flight attendant brought around a tray with water, orange juice and coffee. He greeted me when he reached my seat and offered a selection from the tray. I accepted and had a glass of orange juice.

Shanghai American Dallas Minneapolis

The orange juice was fresh and it was served with ice. The orange juice had a good taste.

Once boarding was completed, the flight attendants prepared the cabin for take off and they picked up my used glass.

The safety demonstration was made while the plane was taxing to the gate.

We had a brief delay as we waited our turn for take off.

Once we were up in the air, the Captain made an announcement about the route and he welcomed everyone on board.

The lead flight attendant approached my seat, greeted me by name and offered a beverage. I requested a Coca-Cola Classic. The flight attendant thanked me.

The flight attendant served the Coca-Cola a few minutes later from a tray. He also returned a minute or two later with a snack basket featuring cinnamon chip bread and bananas. I selected a cinnamon chip bread. The flight attendant thanked me.

Shanghai American Dallas Minneapolis

The Coke was served chilled with ice. The can was also provided. The Coke was fresh and it had a good taste.

The cinnamon chip bread was served at room temperature. The bread was sweet and it had a fresh taste.

The flight attendants checked in with the passengers during the flight and offered additional beverages.

Shortly before landing the Captain made an announcement and the flight attendants prepared the cabin for landing.

The flight landed on time and there was a short taxi to the gate. Once we parked at the gate the door was opened and passengers started to get off the airplane.

The flight attendant thanked me as I departed the plane and he wished me a good day.

Summary –

The flight was quick and the seat was comfortable. It was nice that the pre-departure beverage was offered and I felt that the flight attendants were friendly and polite.

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