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Using airbnb instead of hotels

by John the Wanderer
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Using airbnb instead of hotels –

Over the last few years new technologies and web tools have developed that make traveling easier. One such tool is airbnb. Airbnb makes it easy to connect with locals who are offering an apartment, room or home for rent in a particular city throughout the world.

Using airbnb instead of hotels

This allows for staying in areas of a city that you would not otherwise see as a tourist. In many city centers airbnb properties are located within residential areas. So when you stay at one, you get a unique travel experience more like a local rather than staying at a hotel.

Many of the properties allow for shared accommodations with others which also can further enhance your travel experience. Or there are options were you rent the entire location.

I typically have been someone that prefers staying in a hotel as I have been a part of frequent traveler programs for years and have had elite status at a hotel. In addition, miles and points allows me to redeem points for accommodations that I could not otherwise afford.

I have considered looking into airbnb for a while as it would give another travel experience by living in a local community rather than in a tourist area.

I recently booked a trip to Maui to celebrate my wives birthday next year. The hotels in Hawaii tend to be older and not kept up as well because they are always busy. In addition, the points required to redeem for multiple nights on the island are typically in the highest category. The hotels tend to have an slightly aged feel and I often find the redemptions not worth it compared to those in other areas of the world.

We will be staying four nights in Maui.

My first thought was to look at Hyatt for the stay. Hyatt offers several properties in Maui and the nightly rates are between $385 – $1200 a night. For points the redemptions start at 20,000 points per night but frequently sell out.

I pulled up the airbnb app and I found hundreds of local properties available with shared accommodations for as low as $20 a night to complete luxury homes for rent for about $1200 a-night.

I located one condo that is situated a few feet from a beach, with a pool and sunset deck. The condo was recently remodeled and looks excellent. It offers a full kitchen with granite counter tops, grill and other great amenities. The price was $150 per-night. That is less than half the price-per night of the Hyatt.

I decided to give it a try on this stay and I secured a reservation at the property. While I will not get the free Hyatt Diamond Breakfast each morning, I am able to cook my own meals for breakfast and lunch or even dinner if I would like to and stay in a condo. I am excited to give it a try.

I can still earn points because I will pay for the stay with a travel credit card.

It will be an excellent experience to check out.

Using airbnb instead of hotels

Have you tried airbnb yet? If not, if you apply for an account using my link you can get $30 off your first booking.


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