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Is the Google Pixel Phone better than iPhone 7?

by John the Wanderer
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Google Pixel Phone

Google has been introducing innovative products over the years and their current offering is no exception.

Last week Google introduced the Pixel phone which is available on Verizon.

Google Pixel Phone

Google Pixel Phone

Google Pixel Phone

The Pixel phone is available in regular as well the XL version similar to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7+.

The phone offers an adapter for easy data transfer between iPhone and Android phones.

The phone runs on the Android platform.

Pixel Features

The Pixel phone offers the following features:

  • 12.3 Mega Pixel camera with Large 1.55 um pictures and f/2.0 Aperture
  • Google Assistant – Described as an information source with greater details than Siri
  • Unlimited cloud storage for photos and videos
  • Video and Audio chat app called Duo that works on iPhones and Android

Phone Price

The phone is available in two versions, the Pixel and Pixel XL.

Google Pixel Phone

Each version is available in three colors.

The data capacity options are 32gb or 128gb; however, it includes unlimited online storage

The Pixel is available starting at $649.99 and the Pixel XL is available starting at $769.99.


Currently Verizon is offering upgrade deals for users of Android or iPhone where you can get up to $300 for your trade-in on several models of phones.

Google Pixel Phone

In addition, Verizon is bringing back the 2-year service contract deal which could bring the phone price down to $199 and avoid you from having the monthly phone charge in addition to your service plan.

The phone is also available on Google’s Project Fi which just may be the best wireless option for international travelers.

How does the phone compare to the iPhone 7?

Experts are saying that the Google Pixel will give Apple a run for the money.

The fact that the chat app works with both IOS and Android is pretty good; however, it requires both people to have the app installed on their phone. while iMessage is built into the iPhone.

For photo geeks, the Google Pixel offers an exceptional camera as well as the unlimited online storage.

Will I switch?

I  currently have the iPhone 6. My phone works great so I am not in the market for a new phone; however, if I was, I think I would buy the Pixel.

What about you? Do you like the Google Pixel?

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