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Silvercar Adds New Rental Location Brooklyn

by John the Wanderer
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Silvercar Adds New Rental Location Brooklyn

Silvercar is a cool rental car company that rents a fleet of Audi A4’s and operates at several locations throughout the United States.

I’ve rented from them a couple times and have written about the experience on the blog:

San Francisco Silvercar

Phoenix Silvercar

Overall I thought it was fun renting the German A4’s and it is a great deal for your first 2-day rental.

For longer rentals, it gets expensive, especially when you are in a market with a lot of competition.

Silvercar Audi A4 Silvercar Adds New Rental Location Brooklyn

New Location

Silvercar Adds New Rental Location Brooklyn

Silvercar Announced that it added Brooklyn, New York as its newest location.

That means it will make renting a Silvercar in New York a lot easier.

New York is a great place where you may from time to time have the need for a rental car for the day. Having the Silvercar option from the city is awesome.

Location List

Silvercar is now available in the following cities:


Chicago ORD

Dallas Love Field


Fort Lauderdale

Las Vegas

Log Angeles


NYC – Brooklyn

NYC -Manhattan


San Francisco

More Options

Each time a new location opens it gives you more options.

Silvercar rentals include:

  • XM Radio
  • Low Price Fuel Refilling
  • Fair Toll Payments
  • Navigation System
  • Easy Rentals Through the App

The fuel is the current market price plus a $5 fee.

The navigation system is a bit quirky and I found that it was much easier to use Google Maps as it did not feature a touch screen. Fortunately my iPhone fit nicely in the area with the screen which made for easy navigation.

Your Thoughts

What are your thoughts on Silvercar? Have you had a good experience renting with them? What did you like best?

First Time Rentals

If you haven’t rented from Silvercar – please consider using my Affiliate Code which gives you a discount off of your first rental. Go to: Silvercar – Put in your email address and select a password, and then on a further sign up screen enter in the referal code: JPERRI

It takes a bit of effort; however, you get a discount off your first rental and cash back once you complete that rental. So please consider using my code.


Photos: Silvercar / Google-Fortitude.com


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