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My experience renting Silvercar

by John the Wanderer
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This past weekend, I was in Phoenix and I had the opportunity to rent from Silvercar which I have been reading a lot about lately from other bloggers.

Silvercar is a new rental car company that rents Audi A4’s and they pick you up in an Audi and drive you to your car. The rental process and paperwork is all handled via their app.

Silvercar offers a great promotion where when you sign up and rent your first car you get $25 via paypal and the person referring you also gets $25 via paypal. (Sign up using referral code: JPERRI) Silvercar is also offering a promo that offers $50 off your first rental making the first rental very reasonably priced. Enter Code on the reservation page: AFF-FTD

In Phoenix, Silvercar is located off airport and the a few days before the rental I received an email confirming the reservation. The email said to take the rental car shuttle to the rental car center and while I was on the bus to load the app and click on the button to notify Silvercar that I was arriving.

When I entered the bus I clicked on the link and it sent a text message to Silvercar who promptly responded by telling me that they would pick me up in the Audi to the left side of the rental car center and that they would see me there.

SIlvercar Audi

When I got off the bus, the driver was waiting for me and he greeted me by name. The driver drove me in the Audi A4 over to Silvercar’s location where my car was waiting inside. Because it was my first rental, I was asked to verify my identification card and credit card. Once that was complete, the agent had me scan the barcode on the outside of the car using my SIlvercar app.

The car doors immediately unlocked and the trunk opened. I did a quick inspection of the car with the agent and he had me hop in the car where he gave me a quick rundown on the entertainment system and assisted with pairing my phone for the GPS. From there I was ready to go. A very easy rental process.

I drove away in the car and was able to use Bluetooth for talking. The car had wifi; however, I did not utilize it as I was the only one in the car.

The GPS system is a little complicated because you have to use a wheel to select the address. The screen was not touch screen so I found that it was easier using Google Maps from my iPhone but the radio worked well and the Bluetooth audio sounded good.

The car was clean and it had around 10,000 miles on it. The Audi handles well although I felt it was a little low to the road as I am used to driving an SUV. The car handled well and it was quiet.

I enjoyed driving around Phoenix for the weekend.

About an hour before my return time I received a text from Silvercar informing me that they would be waiting for me and they would drive me in the car back to the airport for my flight.

I arrived and was greeted immediately. The staff member hopped into the drivers seat and he drove me right to the terminal avoiding the rental car center and the shuttle.

The rental ended immediately and I received the receipt via email within a minute. I also received the $25 via paypal within one minute of completing the rental. All in all a great process and experience.

I would rent from Silvercar again in the future as the rental process is simple and the car handled well.

Silvercar offers a refueling program where you pay $5 plus the current local rate for gas for only the amount used. I didn’t use the service as I figured the $5 could be better served by buying a Starbucks. But if I was in a hurry that would have been a great option.

If you haven’t tried Silvercar yet, give it a shot and take part in the $25 referral program by entering my code JPERRI when you register and then use promo code AFF-FTD for $50 off your first two-day rental. You will get $50 off the rental plus earn $25 cash as soon as you complete your first rental.

I am curious about other people’s experience using Silvercar. How did you like it?

Photo Credit: www.silvercar.com

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