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Marriott Platinum gets United Premier Silver Status

by John the Wanderer
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Marriott Platinum gets United Premier Silver Status

I recently became a Marriott Platinum member thanks to the status match on my Starwood Platinum membership when the two hotel chains merged. Now that I am a Platinum member of Marriott, I can enjoy elite status across all the Marriott brands as well as SPG brands.

In addition to the status match from SPG Platinum to Marriott Platinum, I also get United Premier Silver Status thanks to the Marriott Rewards Plus program and their relationship with United Airlines.

Marriott Platinum gets United Premier Silver Status

Airline Status Match

Due to the merger between Marriott and Starwood, I know enjoy a bit of status on both Delta and United Airlines.

On Delta, Starwood gives you a weird status that allows for free checked bags and the potential of an upgrade at the gate. The status does not allow selecting any preferred seats or Delta Comfort Plus seating; however, despite the fact that there is a slim chance you can get upgraded on your flight.

Marriott has traditionally been a partner with United and they offer Marriott Platinum members United Silver Status.

So I now have Silver Status on United.

Marriott Platinum gets United Premier Silver Status

United MileagePlus Premier Silver

The United Mileage Plus Premier Silver status is better than the status that I get on Delta.

United Mileage Plus Premier Silver offers the following benefits:

  1. Complimentary Access to Economy Plus seats at check in
  2. Complimentary domestic upgrades confirmed as early as the day before departure
  3. One free checked bag
  4. Premier Access priority at the airport
  5. 7 award miles per dollar spent on airfare

The first point is awesome as it means that I can select the Economy Plus seats for free. United sets a side a large number of seats on every flight in the Plus category so this will give more options to seating.

The upgrade chances for a silver are pretty low; however, depending on the route, you may get a surprise upgrade from time to time. Generally most flights are full and those seats go to people at the top tier of the program but it is nice to have the potential.

Status Match

The status match to United Silver is easy to do.


  1. Go to the Marriott Rewards Plus webpage and connected my account together.
  2. Login to your Marriott Account.
  3. Confirm your identity via text, phone call or email.
  4. Link your Marriott and United Accounts together by clicking the link button.

Your status on United will be updated within a few days.

The process was very easy to do.

Travel on United?

It has been a number of years since I had a flight on United. I previously had a lot of flights on Continental when they were connected with Northwest and I enjoyed the experience at that time. It would be interesting to check them out to compare the experience to American and Delta.

I only have a limited time before my Marriott Platinum status will go away, as I have not kept up with my SPG status at all this year as I have been focused on Hyatt.

My goal is to check out Platinum Status at a Marriott Hotel before the end of the year, and perhaps I will pick up a flight on United as well to see what Silver Status looks like.

Do you have Elite Status on United? What do you like best?

Status matches are nice because it allows you to experience other airlines and hotel chains to compare them to your primary program. Who knows, maybe I will end up liking Marriott and United better?

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