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American Airlines Dallas Minneapolis

by John the Wanderer
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American Airlines Dallas Minneapolis

This post is a review of American Airlines Dallas Minneapolis on our way home from Los Cabos.

Trip Details

Date: Sunday, October 30, 2016

Flight: American 239

From: Dallas Fort Worth – DFW

To: Minneapolis St Paul – MSP

Aircraft: 737

Seats: 4A, 4B


Our flight home to Minneapolis departed from the D terminal at a gate near where we arrived.

We approached the gate area after boarding started.

We joined the line and after waiting a few minutes we reached the gate agent who welcomed us on board.

We made our way down the jetway and joined the line of passengers who were boarding the plane.

The aircraft was a 737 with seatback entertainment.

American Airlines Dallas Minneapolis

We located our seats and relaxed before the flight home to Minneapolis.

A flight attendant greeted us and offered water or juice for a pre-departure beverage.

The flight attendant also asked what we would like to drink when we got up in the air.

Boarding was efficient and the door was closed ahead of schedule.

There was a short taxi while the safety video was played on the seatback screens.

After the short taxi, the aircraft arrived at the runway and soon enough we were up in the air.

In Flight Experience

A video was shown that highlighted the entertainment options on the flight. All passengers got to access all the content on the seat-back screens for free. In addition, power ports were located at all the seats.

After about 15 minutes, the flight attendants prepared the cabin and they offered a hot towel to all the passengers in the forward cabin.

The flight attendants picked up the used towels and presented warm nuts.

In addition, our drink selections were served at that time.

American Airlines Dallas Minneapolis

A short while later, the flight attendants offered a warm cookie. The cookie was chocolate chip and no other options were available. American recently announced that they were stocking an additional flavor of cookie on all the flights; however, that was not available on this flight.

American Airlines Dallas Minneapolis

The cookie was warm and it was fresh and it had a good chocolate chip taste.

The flight was short and my wife and I watched television shows during the flight.

The flight attendants checked in with us a few times and they offered additional beverages.

The plane approached Minneapolis and it landed about 20 minutes ahead of schedule.


There was a short taxi to the gate before we were able to exit the airplane.

As we walked by the front of the plane, the flight attendants thanked us and wished us a good night.

We made our way to the baggage claim area and within 10 minutes, our bags arrived and we were able to drive home.


Overall it was a great surprise having the seat-back entertainment. It made the flight go quickly. The flight attendants were polite on the flight and they kept our beverages full. It would have been nice if the snack option of humus or cheese plate were offered similar to previous Dallas to Minneapolis flights. The flight time must have changed to turn it into a cookie and nut mix only flight. The flight was enjoyable and it went by quickly.

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