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Afternoon Review Escape Lounge MSP

by John the Wanderer
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Afternoon Review Escape Lounge MSP

This post is a brief review of the Escape Lounge MSP Airport.

I previously reviewed the lounge here and my friend Colin reviewed it here.

The previous two visits were during the morning hours. This visit is focused on the afternoon hours.

Afternoon Review Escape Lounge MSP

Lounge Access

My wife and I accessed the lounge via our Priority Pass Select Membership that we get via our Citi Prestige Card. The card offers up to two guests access per-card.

The card also offers a fourth night free hotel benefit as well as annual airline credit. The card also currently offers access to American Admiral’s Clubs when traveling on American; however, that benefit is ending in 2017.

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We arrived at the lounge and were promptly greeted by two agents who welcomed us to the club and asked for our membership card and boarding pass. I provided mine, and the agent processed the card and scanned our boarding pass. The agent asked if we visited the lounge before. We both said that we had, and he invited us back to the lounge. The agent pointed out the WiFi code and he invited us to enjoy the lounge.

The lounge was approximately 40% busy when we arrived; however, there were still plenty of tables and chairs available.

Lounge Experience

My wife and I relaxed at one of the oversized couches and used our phones and laptop to access the internet. The WiFi speed was good and we did not encounter any issue using it.

While we were seated, two different team members greeted us and welcomed us. The team members asked if we needed anything. In addition, the team members offered additional beverages after we finished our first drink.

The team members were noted to keep the area clean.

When I approached the bar, the bartender greeted us warmly and she offered to prepare a drink. I ordered a Bloody Mary and a Vodka Cranberry. The bartender asked to view my identification card. She also offered to deliver the drinks to our table so she could check my wives identification. I accepted and she thanked us.

The bartender prepared the drinks and served them to us at our table within three minutes. When she arrived, she greeted us and she asked to view my wives identification card. She provided it, and the bartender thanked us.

The drinks were prepared well and they were served neatly.

Afternoon Review Escape Lounge MSP

Both drinks had a good taste and they were garnished neatly.

The bartender checked back with us once while we were enjoying the beverages.


The lounge offered a variety of hot and cold items. For the hot items, there were roast beef sliders and chicken noodle soup.

For the cold items, there were two types of salad, fruit, cookies, crackers, chips and hard boiled eggs available.

All the food was attractively presented and it looked fresh.

At the coffee station, there were large chocolate chip cookies and mini cakes available.

Coolers were available with soda, juice and Fiji water.

From the buffet, I selected a roast beef slider and salad. There were three varieties of dressing available.

Afternoon Review Escape Lounge MSP

The slider was served hot and it was fresh and had a good taste. The roast beef was tender and it was topped with cheddar cheese. The bun was toasted and it had a good taste. The salad was fresh. The lettuce, tomatoes and other vegetables were fresh and they had a good taste.

A server picked up our used plates after we finished them. He also asked how we enjoyed them. We said they were excellent and he thanked us.


Shortly before our flight was scheduled to board, we departed the lounge. The agents at the front desk thanked us and they wished us a good flight.

Another team member also thanked us as we were departing.


The lounge is excellent. In my opinion it is one of the best Priority Pass lounge options in the United States. The staff was friendly and we felt warmly welcomed. The food was excellent and a lot of options were available. We look forward to our next visit.

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