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American Airlines Los Cabos Dallas

by John the Wanderer
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American Airlines Los Cabos Dallas

This post is a review of my wife and my flight on American Airlines Los Cabos Dallas.

American Airlines Los Cabos Dallas

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Flight Details

Date: Sunday, October 30, 2016

Flight: American 1385

From: Cabo San Lucas – SJD

To: Dallas Fort Worth – DFW

Aircraft: 737

Seats: 4A, 4B


An Ironman race was scheduled for Cabo on the morning of our departure so the transportation company picked us up about 5 hours before the flight due to the expected delay on the road.

The drive to the airport lasted about an hour and 15 minutes.

When we arrived, we approached the American check in area and an agent confirmed we were flying in business class by reviewing a list of passengers.

Once we were admitted into the Priority Line, there was no waiting and the agent invited us to the desk when we arrived. The agent made light conversation with us and she thanked us and processed our check-in and luggage check. The agent provided boarding passes, claim checks and she directed us to the security area.

We approached the security area on the upper level of the airport and after waiting about 10 minutes, we were admitted through security and into the duty free store.

The airport is small and just outside the duty free area, there were additional stores and restaurants as well as the VIP Lounge, which was a Priority Pass Lounge.

We accessed the lounge to relax before our flight.


We arrived at the gate after boarding began for our flight.

We joined the line and were greeted after about three minutes by a gate agent who welcomed us on the flight.

The airplane was located at a gate without a jetway so we got to utilize the air stairs to board the plane.

American Airlines Los Cabos Dallas

It is fun getting to walk up to the airplane from the ground and see it as you walk up the stairs.

American Airlines Los Cabos Dallas

A flight attendant greeted us at the door.


We located our seats on the 737-900 aircraft. We were surprised to discover that that airplane featured seat-back screens loaded with a large variety of content.

American Airlines Los Cabos Dallas

The seat was comfortable and we relaxed as boarding continued.

The flight attendants did not offer a pre-departure beverage on the flight.

Boarding was efficient and the door was closed.

The plane was prepared for take-off and the safety video was displayed in the seatback screens.

A flight attendant greeted us and asked what we would like to order for drinks as well as for the meal while we were up in the air. We placed our order and the flight attendant thanked us.

There was a short taxi to the runway and soon enough we were up in the air.

In Flight Experience

As the plane departed Cabo, I was able to take a few pictures of the beach, which provided a great send off as we climbed into the air.

American Airlines Los Cabos Dallas

American Airlines Los Cabos DallasAmerican Airlines Los Cabos Dallas

Shortly after take-off, a video played that highlighted the video content on the entertainment system. The video explained that all content was free for all passengers on the flight. In addition, there were power outlets at each seat on the plane.

The flight attendants offered a hot towel. The towel was warm and it had a pleasant scent,

A few minutes later, a flight attendant offered our drinks along with warm nuts.

American Airlines Los Cabos Dallas

The drinks were served neatly and the alcohol level was strong.

Lunch Service

The flight was a lunch flight and there was a choice between a chicken dish and pasta. I selected the chicken dish.

The meal was served a short while later.

American Airlines Los Cabos Dallas

The food was served hot and it was presented neatly on the plate.

The chicken dish was fresh and it had a good flavor. It was served with beans and vegetables and it had a good taste.

Bread was also offered. The bread was hot and it had a good taste.

The meal was served with a small side salad with a fresh dressing. The salad was excellent.

After we finished the meal, flight attendants picked up the trays.

Dessert was offered which was a key lime pie.

American Airlines Los Cabos Dallas

The key lime pie was presented neatly and it had a fresh taste.

The flight attendants offered additional beverages throughout the flight and they removed used dishes and glasses throughout the flight.

Video Quality

We watched a movie on the video screens. The system was not responding that well and we had to restart our movies a couple times in order to get the sound and the video content to line up correctly.

The video quality was good other than the initial issues.

Soon enough, the aircraft approached Dallas and the flight attendants prepared the cabin for landing.

The welcome to the United States video was showed that talked about the immigration and customs options at Dallas Fort Worth. The video could not be skipped.


We landed ahead of schedule and there was a short taxi to a gate in the D terminal.

We arrived at a gate as another plane was departing so there was about a five-minute delay before the plane arrived at the gate.

As we departed the plane, the flight attendants thanked us and they wished us a good day.

Immigration and Customs

We made our way to the immigration area and utilized the Global Entry kiosk.

No other flights arrived at the same time, so there was no waiting in the immigration area.

We proceeded to the baggage claim area and waited a few minutes for our bags.

Only one exit was open at the time so we had about a 10-minute delay before we were able to exit the customs area and recheck our bags.

Once we re-checked our bags, we utilized Pre-Check in the security line and were back in the terminal within a few minutes of exiting customs.


Overall the flight was enjoyable. It was a great surprise that the aircraft had the video screens. We felt the flight attendants were polite and they made us feel welcome aboard the flight to Dallas. The food was good and it was served neatly. The flight was good overall.

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