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VIP Lounge Los Cabos

by John the Wanderer
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VIP Lounge Los Cabos

This is a review of VIP Lounge Los Cabos.


Lounge Access

My wife and I arrived at the VIP Lounge in terminal 2 at the airport in Cabo. The lounge is located at the end of the food court area and it includes a two-level lounge.

Signs were located in the terminal directing guests to the lounge.

The VIP Lounge is a Priority Pass lounge, so we were able to use our membership that we get from the Citi Prestige Card to access.

Check In

We approached the lounge and there was one agent present at the reception desk. As we approached the agent greeted us and she asked for our membership card and boarding pass. We provided them and she processed the registration. The agent asked us to sign the Priority Pass terminal for access and once we did, she invited us into the lounge.

Lounge Setup

The lounge is open air, so you can hear all the announcements within the terminal.

The lounge has modern decorations and it outfitted in gray, purple and green tones.

VIP Lounge Los Cabos

On the lower level there is a hosted bar and a small snack area. A bartender was present to offer mixed drinks as well as coffee and espresso beverages.

VIP Lounge Los Cabos

The lower level bar offered some snack options.

VIP Lounge Los Cabos

The lower level had a section of tables and chairs near the bar area as well as couches with smaller tables.

VIP Lounge Los Cabos

The upper level had another hosted bar and larger snack area.

VIP Lounge Los Cabos

Bartenders were also present to prepare mixed drinks for guests.

VIP Lounge Los Cabos

There was a circular area in front of the bar decorated with palm trees.

In addition, there were two sections of couches.

Two televisions were present that were tuned to a football game.

There were also two relaxation areas. One with oversized purple chairs and another with massage chairs. The massage chairs were in a separate room and no guests were noted to use them.

VIP Lounge Los Cabos

One of the walls was decorated with flowers and the VIP lounge logo.


When we took a seat, a bartender approached us and greeted us. He offered to bring drinks. I ordered a rum and diet with Havana Rum and my wife ordered a vodka cranberry. He said that they only had mandarin flavored vodka. My wife accepted and he thanked us.

The bartender provided the drinks and he also served them with a small dish of peanuts.

VIP Lounge Los Cabos

The drinks were prepared well and the alcohol level was good.

The peanuts were fresh and crispy and they had a good taste.

The bartender checked in with us several times and he offered additional beverages or food during the visit.

We relaxed in the lounge for a couple hours while we waited for our flight.


As we were ready to depart, the bartender thanked us sincerely and he wished us a good flight.


The agent at the front desk also thanked us and she wished us a good day.


The lounge was relaxing and the bartenders made us feel welcome. Despite the fact you could hear all the announcements at the airport, we still were able to relax and enjoy our time while at the airport in Cabo.


EIG December 2, 2016 - 2:45 pm

I’ve been here and enjoyed the lounge chairs in the separate room. It was a good place for a nap 🙂

John the Wanderer December 3, 2016 - 12:27 pm

Did you just go to that room on your own, or did one of the team members there let you in? It seemed like it would be a nice place to relax.


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