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Dreams Los Cabos Meals

by John the Wanderer
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Dreams Los Cabos Meals

This post is about Dreams Los Cabos Meals and the bar experience.

Dreams Los Cabos Meals

Meal Options

Dreams Los Cabos offers a number of food and beverage options that offers selections for everyone.

The hotel featured two upscale restaurants including a French option and an Italian one. It also featured two casual restaurants including a seafood restaurant and a steakhouse.

Dreams Los Cabos Meals

In addition, the hotel featured a buffet restaurant that featured Mexican food along with international options each evening.

For breakfast the hotel offered a coffee shop or the buffet.

Dreams Los Cabos Meals

At lunch time there were generally three restaurants opened including a fast food place near the beach, a sit-down casual restaurant near the pool or the buffet.

In addition, Dreams Los Cabos offers 24-hour in room dining options. The menu outside of breakfast was limited to burgers, chicken sandwiches, nachos and other basic items. Breakfast there were American, Mexican and international options and the menu was more generous.


All the food venues were included in the all-inclusive plan and the only paid options were for bottles of wine or special tequila varieties.

All the restaurants offered seafood, steak, chicken, vegetarian and other options and they had great menu options.

Each night not all of the restaurants were open, so there was generally a choice between the buffet and one casual option and one more elegant one. The Italian restaurant was open more nights than the French one.

The staff at the restaurants appeared to be shared between the different locations as we frequently saw the same people working each night at different restaurants.


The hotel offered four main bars during the daytime including the lobby, beach, and one at each pool. The pool bars offered swim-up bars, while the beach bar offered walk-up service with swings and food options.

The lobby bar was open the most hours as well a coffee shop that offered coffee and espresso drinks as well as some light snack items.

Dreams Los Cabos Review Dreams Los Cabos Meals

The pool bars were open from 10:00 AM to about 5:00 PM, with the beach bar being open a little longer. The lobby bar was open until around 10:00 PM.

A disco was offered after 10:00 PM.


The drinks offerings were decent and there were several varieties of each type of alcohol. The highest vodka option was Stoli, while Havana Dark rum was the best rum. Two white wine options including chardonnay and sauvignon blanc as well as cabernet for the red option.

The bartenders would mix any drink with any of the alcohols they had available and they were generous in pouring.

Private Lounge

Owners in the membership program got access to a premium lounge which was open from morning until night and it featured top-shelf options.


The staff at all the restaurants were friendly and polite. We felt welcome and they always seemed like they cared for making sure we were served and were enjoying our vacation.

We generally did not have to wait to be seated at any of the restaurants that we visited and no reservations were required or allowed. We encountered some delay between the time we were seated and when the server greeted us on several occasions. In particular, the restaurant at the pool seemed short staff and both times we dined there we waited over 10 minutes between the time of seating and being greeted or offered a beverage.

Dinner Experience

We had dinner at the Italian, French, Seafood and Steakhouse during the visit.


At the Italian restaurant, it was located inside the hotel near the main pool. The restaurant was decorated in black and white tones and it had an upscale appearance.

Dreams Los Cabos Meals

The staff members greeted us promptly and they made us feel welcome. The staff member assisted with ordering and he pointed out the specials. He also kept our water glasses filled and offered additional beverages.

Dreams Los Cabos Meals

The food was prepared well and it was presented neatly. The hotel spent a lot of time on presentation and each dish looked attractive when it was presented at the table.

Dreams Los Cabos Meals

The food was fresh and it overall had a good flavor.

Fresh cheese was served from a large wheel of aged parmesan.


The French Restaurant was located near the lobby. It was indoors; however, the temperature was warm and slightly uncomfortable.

There was a large group present in the room; however, the server still was able to provide excellent service for our table. We felt welcomed and enjoyed the experience.

The food was all upscale and it was presented elegantly on the plate.

My wife went with seafood options, and she was a bit disappointed with them as they were served in a puff pastry that was dry and difficult to cut.

I ordered lobster bisque and it was poured tableside.

Dreams Los Cabos Meals

In addition, I had surf and turf French style, which was presented well and it was cooked as requested.

Dreams Los Cabos Meals


The seafood restaurant was located outdoors near the pool. We experienced a delay in being greeted by a server or offered beverages.

Once the server was available; however, he was attentive and he provided excellent service.

We had a rich and creamy soup and it was presented attractively.

Dreams Los Cabos Meals

In addition, my wife had ceviche and it was fresh with a great seafood, onions and tomatoes. It was presented attractively.

We both had the seafood paella but were disappointed with it because it was dry, lacked a good crispy rice taste and only had a few pieces of seafood in it. It was served individually in plates.

Dreams Los Cabos Meals


The steakhouse was located outside near the main pool.

The servers at the steakhouse were friendly; however, it was a bit difficult to understand the server. One of his colleagues assisted at one point and he checked in with us to be sure we were receiving good service.

The appetizers at the steakhouse were presented attractively and my wife was able to sample octopus ceviche that was excellent.

I enjoyed a creamy sweet potato soup that was presented attractively and had an excellent flavor.

Dreams Los Cabos Meals

My wife and I both had the ribeye. It was cooked as we requested to medium. The ribeye was a very large piece of steak and we both could have easily shared one order. It had an excellent taste and flavor and it was presented attractively.

Dreams Los Cabos Meals

The best part of the evening was at the end when the server suggested we try a Mexican coffee. I accepted and the server prepared it for me table-side.

Dreams Los Cabos Meals

Dreams Los Cabos Meals

The coffee included tequila and coffee liquor which was flambéed at the table. The presentation was excellent and at the end, he had the entire cup of coffee on fire to finish the presentation.

Dreams Los Cabos Meals

The coffee was excellent and the tequila and liquor enhanced the flavor of the coffee. Ice cream was also melted into it with flambéed cherries as well.


We had breakfast several times at the buffet restaurant. The buffet featured Mexican and international options. There were several hot food items as well as chilled.

Dreams Los Cabos Meals Dreams Los Cabos Meals Dreams Los Cabos Vacation Club Presentation Dreams Los Cabos Meals

An egg station was present where you could get omelets or other styles of eggs.

Dreams Los Cabos Meals

In addition, a carving station was available for roast beef or other meats.

Fresh fruit was available including pineapple, watermelon, grapes, berries and mangos. In addition, several juices were available along with a large selection of breads and pastries.

Dreams Los Cabos Meals

A full bar was available from the servers who were friendly and polite.

Dreams Los Cabos Meals

We sampled various items during the week and we enjoyed them and felt that the quality was good overall.

Dreams Los Cabos Meals

In-Room Dining

We had in room dining on the last morning as the hotel offered a special anniversary breakfast that included mimosas. We set it up with the concierge desk and requested that it be delivered at 8:30 AM on the last morning.

The order arrived about 15 minutes later than the requested time. The server was polite and he setup the meal for us at the table. He removed all the plastic wrap and plate covers and served the meal ready to eat.

Dreams Los Cabos Meals

To our surprise we each received two entrees. I mentioned we enjoyed chiliquilies and we were both provided a chicken one with green sauce as well as an American breakfast of scrambled eggs and hash browns.

Dreams Los Cabos Meals

The meal was presented attractively and it was still hot when it arrived

The food was excellent and we enjoyed the breakfast experience as it was a great way to end our vacation.


Overall, the food options were good. We felt that the staff was friendly and polite and we felt welcome. All the food was presented attractively and nearly every dish was excellent. We greatly enjoyed our experience at the hotel’s food and beverage outlets.

Have you dined at a Dreams resort? What were your thoughts?

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