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Delta Airlines Lansing Minneapolis

by John the Wanderer
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Delta Airlines Lansing Minneapolis

This is a review of flights on Delta Airlines Lansing Minneapolis operated on a CRJ200.

Trip Details

Date: November 26, 2016

Flight: Delta 3824

From: Lansing – LAN

To: Minneapolis – MSP

Aircraft: CRJ-200

Seat: 6D

Online Check-In

At check in time, I attempted to select seats as Delta promised that you can do that with a Basic Economy Fair. Both on the webpage as well as the app, we were unable to select seats. The webpage said a gate agent would assign our seats. The app displayed a message that we had a Basic Economy Fare and you could only select seats at check in. It was check-in but we were unable to do it.

I reached out to Delta via a direct message on Twitter and was told that they could not assist me. I explained that the webpage says you can select a seat at check in on a basic economy fair but it was not letting me. The agent said the gate agent would be happy to assist me.

I later sent a public Tweet to Delta and within a minute or two seats were assigned.

I do not like having to ask for special assistance. If Delta says you can select seats at check-in on a basic economy fair, then they should let you without agent intervention. I sent the public tweet because I want Delta to look at the issue as to why on both flights we were unable to select our seats without an agent helping us.


Our return flight departed on Saturday evening, We arrived at the airport about an hour and a half prior to the scheduled departure time. There was no waiting in line when we arrived and the check-in area was empty for all the other airlines.

It appeared that there were only two flights departing that evening and about six flights arriving.

Delta Airlines Lansing Minneapolis

The Lansing airport is small and has eight gates.

After checking in, we were asked to take our bag over to TSA for screening before which was located next to the Delta check-in area. The TSA Agent greeted us and confirmed that the bag was not locked before she wished us a good flight.

We approached the security screening line and no one was waiting in the regular as well as the Pre-Check line. We were greeted by the TSA rep who verified our identity and invited us through the line.

After completing security we made our way upstairs and found that the terminal was completely empty. It is always a weird feeling when no one else is at the airport.

Delta Airlines Lansing Minneapolis

A few other guests arrived shortly after we did but the area remained pretty empty until shortly before the departure time for the flight.


Boarding began about 20 minutes before the scheduled departure time. We joined the line when our group was called. The gate agent greeted us and he thanked us and wished us a good flight.

The gate agent was the same agent that checked our bags in.

We entered the jetway and made our way to the plane.

Delta Airlines Lansing Minneapolis

A flight attendant welcomed us and invited us on board.

We located our seats and stored our bags.

Boarding was efficient and the door was closed ahead of schedule.

The flight attendant prepared the cabin for departure and she provided a safety demonstration.

In Flight

Once we were up in the air, the flight attendant prepared a beverage service.

When the flight attendant reached our aisle, she offered a snack and beverage. We requested pretzels and peanuts and a soda.

The flight attendant provided a glass of soda and offered the snacks. She asked us to enjoy.

Delta Airlines Lansing Minneapolis

The snacks were fresh and the soda had a good taste and flavor.

After the flight attendant finished going through the aisle, she made her way back to the front and she offered everyone an additional beverage. We declined and she thanked us.

The flight was a little over an hour in length and shortly before landing, the flight attendant picked up the used items.


The Captain announced that we would be landing shortly, and the flight attendant checked the cabin before she took her seat.

The plane vectored for a minute or two around the city before landing.

There was a short taxi to a gate and shortly thereafter, the door opened.

Passengers were asked to retrieve their gate claim bags at the top of the jet bridge.

The flight attendant thanked us as we departed the plane.

Baggage Claim

We made our way to the baggage claim. The bags were starting to come off the belt by the time we arrived as the plane arrived in the B terminal and there is a bit of a walk back to baggage claim.

We located our bag and made our way home.


Overall it was a good flight. The flight attendant was great and it was nice she offered everyone a second drink despite the fact it was a short flight. Hopefully Delta will work out the issue of not being able to select a seat as they state that you can do that at check-in on a basic economy fare.

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