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Flying American Airlines Chicago Minneapolis

by John the Wanderer
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a plane being loaded into a gate

American Airlines Chicago Minneapolis

This article is my review of American Airlines Chicago Minneapolis on board a 737 aircraft.

American Airlines Chicago Minneapolis

The article is the final post in my Singapore Mileage Run Adventure.

Trip Summary

Date: September 9, 2017

Flight: American 1559

From: Chicago – ORD

To: Minneapolis – MSP

Aircraft: 737

Seat: 4F


I received a complimentary upgrade to first class a couple days prior to the flight. The flight distance is shorter than 500 miles so no certificates are required for the upgrade.

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I arrived in the gate area well into the boarding process as I didn’t have a bag to put overhead due to the fact that I had to check it on the flight from Detroit to Chicago.

American Airlines Chicago Minneapolis

The gate area was light in activity when I arrived and the boarding was at group 8 and 9 when I joined the line.

When I reached the front of the line, the gate agent welcomed me and he asked me to scan my boarding pass. After I did, the agent used my name and thanked me and invited me to board the aircraft.

Two flight attendants warmly welcomed me to the plane when I reached the door.

I made my way to my seat and relaxed as boarding finished up.

The lead flight attendant approached the table with water on a tray. He offered a glass with or without ice.

American Airlines Chicago Minneapolis

The flight attendants prepared the cabin for departure and the door was closed about 10 minutes ahead of schedule.

There was a short taxi and the plane took off about the scheduled departure time.

American Airlines Chicago MinneapolisAmerican Airlines Chicago MinneapolisAmerican Airlines Chicago Minneapolis

I took a few pictures as the plane made its way to the runway.

It is always fun looking out the window and watching the plane turn out onto the runway.

American Airlines Chicago MinneapolisAmerican Airlines Chicago MinneapolisAmerican Airlines Chicago Minneapolis

Once we were up in the air, the sky was slightly cloudy but it added a nice backdrop to the scenery.American Airlines Chicago MinneapolisAmerican Airlines Chicago Minneapolis below.

American Airlines Chicago Minneapolis


The 737 was updated with seat back entertainment screens that were large and offered a ton of content.

American Airlines Chicago Minneapolis

In addition, the plane featured mood lighting overhead.

The seat was a standard first class seat that pivoted forward when reclining to reduce the impact to the person behind you.

The seat was comfortable. An entertainment control unit was in the armrest.

The console between the seats, featured the AV inputs and both USB and A/C Power Ports.

WiFi was available during the flight.

In Flight Experience

When the American Airlines Chicago Minneapolis reached its cruising altitude, the flight attendant greeted each passenger by name and he offered to prepare a drink. I requested orange juice and he asked if I wanted ice. I declined the ice and he thanked me.

The flight attendant served the drinks from a try a minute or two later and he asked me to enjoy the drink.

American Airlines Chicago Minneapolis

Once all the passengers in the first two rows were served their drinks, the flight attendant provided the snack basket.

The snack basket contained popcorn, chips, cookies, crackers, buts, breakfast bars and biscotti.

I selected a breakfast bar from the basket.

American Airlines Chicago Minneapolis

The breakfast bar was fresh and had a good taste.

The orange juice was served chilled in a clean glass and it was fresh.

The flight attendant remained in the first-class cabin throughout the flight and was proactive in offering additional drinks and he even offered a second selection from the snack basket.


The flight time on American Airlines Chicago Minneapolis was one hour so the flight went by quickly.

Shortly before landing, the cabin was prepared and the flight attendants thanked all the passengers individually as they cleaned up the cabin.

The flight landed ahead of schedule and there was a short taxi to the gate.

The flight attendant thanked me again as I was departing the airplane.

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Baggage Claim

I made my way down to the baggage claim area for American Airlines Chicago Minneapolis and waited for about 15-20 minutes before the bags were delivered.

I received my bag from the carousal and was excited as my long tree day travel adventure was finally concluded.


My flight on American Airlines Chicago Minneapolis was enjoyable. The flight attendant was excellent and it was a nice touch that he used my name during the interactions. The flight attendant provided excellent attentive service and he made me feel welcome. The seat was comfortable and it was nice having the entertainment system available.

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