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Cruise News: Miami Port Troubles

by John the Wanderer
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MSC Meraviglia Miami sailaway view

This article is includes a story about Miami Port Troubles.

I read a lot of cruise news online. When I find articles that area interesting I save them so I can share with others. Over the weekend the following stories showed up online and in the the news.

Miami Port Was Closed Due to An Incident on Sunday but is now reopened

This is really sad about the boat that sunk and lives that were lost. There was a lot of work that went into the re-opening and many cruises were impacted including Carnival Celebration, Norwegian Escape and MSC Seashore. Each of those cruise lines offered assistance for those waiting including some money for an additional lunch as well as free shuttle busses to Miami sights as well as luggage storage. The cruise turnaround day is stressful with a delay like this it can really case issues. Hopefully by now all those impacted have made it home or are enjoying their cruise today.

I sailed on MSC Seashore last year and just posted an article about the experience. You can read it here.

Carnival Pizza Lawsuit

Carnival recently had a lawsuit about pizza onboard! Cruise Radio covered the story as well as the Titanic Submarine Tragedy. The Miami Pizza Slice Lawsuit is interesting since the pizza place is calling copyright infringement to Carnival since Carnival named the Pizza spot on Carnival Celebration as Miami Slice. Carnival countersued them saying Miami pizza is a style so they are using the name based on the style of pizza. Who is right in this case? I am not sure. I guess only time will tell.

Carnival Hosts Grand Bahama Celebration for the 50th Independence of the Bahamas

It is nice when cruise lines give back to the communities that they bring guests to visit. This is a pretty cool story about Carnival hosting local Bahamas citizens from Freeport to celebrate the Bahamas Independence! I got to travel to Freeport on a previous cruise a few years back. It was a decent port area to explore so it is nice that Carnival gave back to the community.

Port and downtown Vancouver
Port and downtown Vancouver

Canada Issues Mandatory Measures and Hefty Fines for Cruise Ships

Cruise ships are massive cities that bring lots of people to ports. It is important to protect the environment so hopefully cruises will be able to comply with these restrictions to better the environment!

Cruise News

I am glad to know that the Miami Port Troubles have been resolved now!

That was a few stories that I read or saw online over the weekend. Did you see anything that I missed? Let me know and I can share it in a future article!

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