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Cruise News: Lovely Cayman Island Beaches

by John the Wanderer
Celebrity Apex from a rocky beach in Grand Cayman

This is Lovely Cayman Island Beaches which is a news update on articles that I read this week.

I read a lot of articles online and when I see interesting ones I save them so I can share them on the blog.

Lovely Cayman Beaches
Grand Cayman beach with cruise ships on a beautiful day

Grand Cayman Beaches to check out

It is fun sailing to Grand Cayman and the island is famously known for Seven Mile Beach! I visited a couple times over the past year and I enjoy walking to the beach and hanging out in town. This article from Porthole gives some alternative location where you can find some Lovely Cayman Island Beaches! I will have to check them out on my next cruise to Grand Cayman.

I visited Grand Cayman on Celebrity Apex, Norwegian Prima among other sailings this past year.


Carnival cruises are a fun getaway to the Caribbean. In addition with all the casino offers available for those that gamble, it is easy to have a fun getaway on Carnival. Here are some positive and negative things from a recent cruise on Carnival Vista. With the push to more paid dining on cruises, it was refreshing to read about such a positive main dining experience on Carnival!

CLIA and MSC react after cancellation of Explora 1 debut

MSC is introducing a luxury cruise line called Explora Journeys. The first ship is completing construction. Unfortunately there was a delay that caused the cancellation of the inaugural voyage. Safety is important so it is good news to see that MSC would make the cancellation rather than have passengers on a ship that failed a safety inspection. Hopefully the issue with the contractor will be resolved soon so the ship can be launched!

MSC Meraviglia review: What it’s like to cruise on MSC’s 1st New York-based ship

The PointsGuy writer went on MSC Meraviglia recently and posted this review. It looks like their experience was good overall and they enjoyed Ocean Cay. I sailed on Meraviglia recently and posted my review here. I loved Ocean Cay and the Yacht Club experience. Some of the issues that they brought up in the article are consistent with my experience as well.

Have you sailed on MSC Meraviglia? How did your experience compare?

Cruise News

From the Lovely Cayman Island Beaches article to the review of MSC Meraviglia those were some of the stores that I read this week.

Did I miss an article that you saw this week? Let me know and I can share it on a future cruise news update.


lars July 17, 2023 - 8:35 am

Having visited each of the Cayman beaches referenced in the article, I can say that 7 Mile is the only one worth visiting. It’s the only one with consistently clear water, and no seaweed. It’s also the biggest and easiest to get to from the boat. Smith’s cove is just that, a small cove. Rum Point is a far drive to the opposite end of the island for a worse beach and cloudy water. Spotts Beach is probably the second best on the island, but it takes some effort to get to, is smaller than 7 mile, and water is more likely to have sargassum in it than 7 mile. Long and short- I’ve exhausted considerable time and effort trying to find a “hidden gem” of a beach on Grand Cayman, and ultimately settled on there being no alternative better than 7 mile. Now, exactly where on 7 Mile is the best beach spot for a day would be a harder question….

John the Wanderer July 18, 2023 - 4:39 am

Wow! That is good to know. I have had various experiences with 7 Mile Beach. It is pretty but normally very busy and the cost for drinks and food is very high. Most of the time lately I have just walked to the closest public access point for 7 Mile Beach. That beginning stretch of it is pretty basic but it is still beautiful and there usually are not many people around.


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