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Cruise News: No Pizza Fees on Royal

by John the Wanderer
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Sorrento's Pizza on Royal Caribbean - Photo by Royal Caribbean

This article is No Pizza Fees on Royal. It is a cruise news update from articles from the week.

I read a lot of articles each week. When I see interesting ones, I save them so that I can share on the blog.

Sorrento's Pizza on Royal Caribbean - Photo by Royal Caribbean
Sorrento’s Pizza on Royal Caribbean – Photo by Royal Caribbean

No Cost for Pizza on Royal Caribbean

Last week Royal Caribbean made a lot of cruisers worried because they conducted a survey on whether or not people will pay for pizza at Sorento’s. The vast majority of people said no to the survey and many even said they would choose a different cruise line. Fortunately, Royal Caribbean’s president announced that they will not charge for pizza at Sorento’s after all.


The news came in the wake of Princess making Gigi’s pizza, (which is where the photo above was taken), announced that guests not on Princess Plus or Premier would have to pay for the popular pizza’s.

I had pizza at Sorento’s a couple times while I was on Freedom of the Seas earlier this year. You can read about my cruise here.


Virgin Voyages is known as an adults only cruise line. They have really good food and they do everything differently than other cruise lines. It can be a refreshing experience sailing on them. One organization decided they wanted to do an adult porn cruise and started booking people. Virgin cancelled the reservations without giving a reason. This makes sense as they want the sailings to be fun for everyone and it could be offensive to other guests.

Canadian Port Welcomes 10 Million Cruisers

Victoria is a popular cruise stop on Alaska cruises because of the US Law that says foreign registered ships have to stop in another country if they depart from the US. Many cruises even only make the stop for a few hours to meet the requirement. Given this and the tremendous demand on Alaska cruises this summer it makes a lot of sense to me that the port welcomed so many passengers.

I loved the port call when I sailed on Discovery Princess. It was a lovely day exploring Chinatown and exploring some of the city. You can read about my sailing on Discovery Princess here.

Carnival Confirms Dates for Fleetwide Rollout of New Dining Menus

Recently Carnival announced that it would be testing new menus on some of the ships for Main Dining. The menus were designed by Emeril and other celebrity chefs. It seems those tests went well, so now Carnival is rolling out the menus to all the ships. This article discusses the roll out of the new menus.

Hopefully some of the 60 new dishes will be enjoyable. When I sailed on Carnival I loved some of the soups in the Main Dining Room while other items were not that great.

Cruise News

Those were some of the articles I read this week. Did I miss an article you thought was interesting? Comment below and I can include it on a future news update!

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