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Celebrity and Captain Kate Help Save 200 People

by John the Wanderer
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Rescue at Sea by Captain Kate

This article is Celebrity and Captain Kate Help Save 200 People. It is an article about Celebrity’s famous Captain and crew assisting in a rescue of 200 people while at sea.

Rescue at Sea by Captain Kate
Rescue at Sea by Captain Kate – Photo: captainkatemccue

This past week I shared some articles regarding Celebrity cruises with some negative changes that have been occurring recently with the cruise line. That included charges for cookies as well as the removal of gratuities from all-in pricing.

Fortunately, today brings some positive news about safety of life at sea.

Captain Kate

Celebrity Beyond has a famous captain at the lead. Captain Kate has become pretty famous over the past few years on social media. In addition, Captain Kate has a famous cat, Bugnaked who accompanies her onboard Celebrity Beyond.

Bugnaked and Capt Kate
Bugnaked and Capt Kate

I sailed on Celebrity Beyond earlier this year when Captain Kate was the Captain. She was a wonderful leader and it was impressive how great of a culture that she established on the ship. It was an incredible experience getting to sail with such an amazing captian and leader.

Celebrity Beyond in Grand Cayman
Celebrity Beyond in Grand Cayman

You can read about the experience here.

Rescue At Sea

This past week, Celebrity Beyond assisted in creating shelter from the wind while the Italian Coast Guard was able to rescue over 200 passengers stuck at sea.

Celebrity Beyond received a call from the Italian Coast Guard and responded by moving off course by about 6 miles to get in position to provide shelter from the waves and wind while the operation took place.

Kate shared a Reel on Instagram that highlighted the experience:

The rescue operation was relatively quick and took only about 90 minutes.

Celebrity Beyond was sailing on a Mediterranean sailing and the voyage itinerary was not impacted by this operation.

Safety of Life At Sea

Safety of Life at sea is something all Captain’s are responsible for. They are charged to respond swiftly to provide assistance to others in need.

Celebrity has made news frequently about rescues at sea.

In fact, in the past year, Celebrity and the famous captain did two rescues at sea within the same week!

What a blessing it is to have such a caring Captain and overall leader for Celebrity Cruises!

Cruise Hive Article

Credit to Cruise Hive who offered a detailed account of the rescue.

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