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Norwegian Breakaway Rescue At Sea

by John the Wanderer
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Norwegian Breakaway in Italy

This article is Norwegian Breakaway Rescue At Sea. It is about Norwegian Breakaway assisting the Italian Coast Guard in rescuing around 200 migrant workers.

The featured image is from Norwegian Cruise line.

Norwegian Breakaway in Italy
Norwegian Breakaway in Italy – Photo by Norwegian Cruise Line

Rescue At Sea

The Italian Coast Guard called Norwegian Breakaway to assist in a rescue at sea this week for 200 migrant workers. The migrant workers vessel suffered damaged and was drifting at sea.

The Italian Coast Guard provided a rescue operation.

As part of the rescue operation they called out to ships in the area. Norwegian Breakaway was closest to the area and responded immediately by providing support.

Two coast guard vessels were able to rescue the migrant workers with the assistance of Norwegian Breakaway and a container ship.

The rescue operation lasted approximately four-hours.

The Italian Coast Guard saved all the migrant workers!

Norwegian Breakaway

Norwegian Breakaway is a 145,655 gross ton vessel that was on a 10-night Greek Isles and Italy sailing. The ship canceled a stop in Catania, Italy in order to assist in the rescue operation.

The guests were given an extra day at sea, which can be a nice thing on port intensive European cruises.

Safety At Sea

It is common practive that ships assist other vessels in distress at sea. In fact, this is part of international maritime law.

These types of rescue operations are more common than they were in the past.

Recently other ships assisted in rescue operations.

One such recent rescue was by Celebrity Beyond that I covered in previous article on Johnthewanderer.com.

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