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Princess Announces New App For Guests

by John the Wanderer
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Discovery Princess

This article is Princess Announces New App For Guests. It is about a new guest mobile phone app that allows guests to manage their cruise vacations.

Ready to Board Discovery Princess
Discovery Princess at the Los Angeles Cruise World Cruise Port

The new app is a replacement to the Medallion App that the cruise line currently uses.

The new application offers key improvements over the current app.

Medallion App

Princess has been using a Medallion App to manage the guests cruise vacation. The app allowed for ordering of food and drinks wherever you are on the ship.

The technology works in conjunction with the Medallion Wearable Key and Payment System onboard the fleet of ships.

The Medallion App had a number of issues included navigation and ease of use which impacted the guest experience.

Discovery Princess
Discovery Princess

I used the app when I sailed on Discovery Princess. I found the experience to be good overall; however, I did notice some of the navigational issues.

You can read about my experience on Discovery Princess here.

New App

The new app is set to debut in a few days.

Princess is launching the app at the same time as the introduction of Starlink Internet on fleet of ship.

Starlink from SpaceX
Starlink from SpaceX – Photo from Starlink

Starlink offers a better internet experience for guests including increased bandwidth and speed.

The updated Princess App will offer streamlined navigation. It will also be more intuitive about the things that you can select from within the app.

Guests reservation details and preferences will automatically be migrated to the new application so guests should expect a smooth transition.

The existing app will continue to work until February, 2024 at which time it will be retired.


The new app and the addition of Starlink should greatly improve the customer experience for guests onboard Princess Ships.

I look forward to checking out the new app in 2024 when I sail on Sun Princess.

Piazza Atrium on Discovery Princess
Piazza Atrium on Discovery Princess

Do you have an upcoming Princess Cruise?

Note: This news story was initially reported by Cruise Hive. You can read that article here.

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