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Philadelphia Trip Report – Delta – Minneapolis – Philadelphia

by John the Wanderer
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Delta – Minneapolis – Philadelphia

A quick trip to Philadelphia thanks to a cheap airfare on Delta.

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Philadelphia Trip Report – Delta Airlines – Minneapolis to Philadelphia


Date: October 31, 2015

Flight: Delta 1624

From: Minneapolis

To: Philadelphia

Aircraft: MD-90

Seat: 16C


























I booked my ticket during the week for $160 round trip from Minneapolis to Philadelphia. The flight was $250 less expensive than American or other options so I bought the ticket on Delta. I do not have status on Delta so the seating options were pretty limited and it consisted of middle seats or Economy Comfort for $49. I wanted to keep the trip low cost, so I selected a middle seat.

At check in time, I reviewed the seating options and found a new seat in a row closer to the front of the airplane; however, it was still a middle seat. I reached out to Delta via Twitter and the customer service team responded promptly and found an aisle seat one or two rows ahead of my selected seat.

I arrived at the airport with about one hour and 30 minutes before my scheduled flight time. The security line was short and I was able to utilize the Pre-Check line so I had no waiting in line.

I proceeded to the gate and asked the gate agent if there were any additional seats available. The gate agent asked what seat I had and she said that I would have to pay for an Economy Comfort Seat if I wanted to sit closer to the front of the cabin. I declined and thanked her.

I made a visit to the Skyclub and utilized a pass that I bought on ebay. I asked the agent at the Skyclub about a better seat; however, she also said I would have to pay if I wanted one of the seats.

I guess it did not hurt to ask at least. The flight was only two hours so I was not that worried as the seat map looked open.

I returned to the gate after boarding had began and I joined the line when it was my groups turn. I was assigned group 1 because of my Starwood Platinum status and the crossover rewards program.

When I reached the gate agent, she greeted me and I scanned my boarding pass. The gate agent thanked me and she wished me a pleasant flight.

I boarded the airplane and was greeted by two flight attendants. I had some magazines to give to the crew. The flight attendant that I presented them to did not seem too thrilled with it but I left them with her and said she could share them with her colleagues. I was surprised as normally flight attendants like getting magazines.


























I located my seat two rows behind the economy comfort seats. The seat was a standard economy seat. It appeared that the interior of the aircraft was recently updated as the seat backs were new. The leg room was limited but I still found the seat comfortable.


























There were a lot of open seats in the economy comfort cabin. The majority of the main cabin was full. The flight attendants did not allow customers to move to seats in the economy comfort section even through there were complete rows open.

The MD90 is a 2-3 configuration in the economy cabin. I was seated in seat 16C on the three side. Initially one person was sitting next to me in the middle seat; however, no one was at the window so that passenger moved to the window.

At the end of the boarding process I saw that the Pilot approached the first class cabin and she greeted the passengers and made a short announcement before returning to the cabin. The Pilot did not visit the economy cabin.

The boarding process was quick and shortly after I boarded, the flight attendants announced that the door was closed and that they prepared the cabin for take off.




















After the safety demo was complete, the cabin lights were turned off and there was a short taxi before the flight was airborne.

Once in the air, the lead flight attendant made a long announcement followed by one by the Captain. The announcements were slightly difficult to understand and they seemed longer than normal.

The flight attendants walked through the cabin and began a beverage service. When the flight attendant reached my seat, she greeted me warmly and asked what I would like. I requested a Coca-Cola. She provided it and she also asked what snack I wanted and offered a choice between Peanuts, Pretzels or Biscoff Cookies. I requested the cookies and she provided two packets and asked me to enjoy.




















The Coca-Cola had a good taste and it was served in a glass with ice. The cookies were fresh and they had a good cinnamon flavor.

A little while later, the flight attendants returned through the cabin to pick up the trash. The flight attendant thanked me cordially when she picked up the trash.

The flight was uneventful and the air was pretty smooth. About 10 minutes before, landing, the flight attendants prepared the cabin for landing and made their safety checks. The Captain also made a brief announcement.

The plane landed and made a short taxi to a gate. Once we arrived at the gate the Pilot made announcement saying we were arrived and the door was open and that we were 30 minutes early. The Pilot wished us a good evening.

As I departed the plane, the flight attendants thanked me and wished me a good evening.

Overall it was a good flight. I felt that the flight attendants were polite and it was nice of the flight attendant to provide an additional package of cookies.


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