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Philadelphia Trip Report – Delta Philadelphia to Minneapolis

by John the Wanderer
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Delta Philadelphia to Minneapolis – 


A quick trip to Philadelphia thanks to a cheap airfare on Delta.

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Philadelphia Trip Report – Delta Airlines – Philadelphia to Minneapolis


Philadelphia Trip Report – Delta Airlines – Philadelphia to Minneapolis

Date: November 1, 2015

Flight: Delta Airlines

From: Philadelphia – PHL

To: Minneapolis – MSP

Aircraft: A319

Seat: 15C


I arrived at the airport in Philadelphia via car about one hour and 30 minutes before the flight. My flight was operating out of the D terminal. I proceeded to the security checkpoint for the D and E terminals. When I arrived the TSA Pre-Check line was closed and most of the security screening lines were closed. There was a long line that stretched down the hallway. An elite line was offered; however, they were only accepting boarding passes and not frequent flier cards so I joined the regular line.

The security line moved quickly and despite the long line, I was able to get through in a little under 30 minutes. A few additional checkpoint lanes were opened while I was in line which helped speed the process.

Once I exited security I walked around the terminal before making a stop at the United Club.

When boarding began for my flight, I proceeded to the gate area. The majority of the boarding had completed and there was no line at the gate.


























I approached the podium and was greeted by the gate agent who welcomed me and asked me to scan my boarding pass. After I scanned it, the agent thanked me and asked me to enjoy the flight.

I entered the jetway and joined the line waiting to board the airplane. The line moved slowly. When I reached the aircraft door one flight attendant greeted me and welcomed me.

I made my way to my seat following the line. There were very few open overhead bins at that time and passengers were being asked to take their bags to the front of the plane for checking. I had a backpack so I placed it under my seat and took a seat.



























The aircraft was a 319. The seats were leather and they were comfortable. There was a limited amount of legroom available. I was assigned an aisle seat towards the back of the aircraft in row 15.

Boarding continued for a few minutes before the flight attendants announced that the door was closed. The flight attendants welcomed everyone onboard and they provided a safety demonstration.

The taxi lasted about 15-20 minutes.

Once we were in the air, the Captain welcomed everyone on board and he informed us that the flight was expected to have turbulence for the majority of the route. The Captain asked the guests to be careful if they needed to get up.

The turbulence level was minor but consistent for the first hour of the flight. In addition, there were a few other spots of minor turbulence throughout the remainder of the flight. The seatbelt sign remained on for the majority of the flight.

The flight attendants offered a beverage service. When they reached my seat, the flight attendant greeted me and offered a choice of beverages as well as a snack item. I requested a glass of water as well as a Biscoff cookie. The flight attendant thanked me and provided the beverage and snack and asked me to enjoy them.


























The snack was fresh and sweet and it had a good taste.

A short while later, the flight attendants returned to remove the used glasses. They thanked me when I returned my used cup.

The flight was short and despite the minor turbulence it was a comfortable ride.

The flight attendants prepared the cabin for landing and they made a few announcements.

The plane landed about 15 minutes ahead of schedule and after a short taxi arrived at the gate. Upon arrival, the gate agent greeted the guests and welcomed them to Minneapolis.
As I departed the plane, the flight attendant thanked me and wished me a good night.

The flight was enjoyable and it was a quick ride. I felt that the flight attendants were friendly and polite.

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