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Philadelphia Trip Report – United Club at PHL

by John the Wanderer
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United Club at PHL – 


A quick trip to Philadelphia thanks to a cheap airfare on Delta.

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Philadelphia Trip Report – United Club at PHL


























I had about 30 minutes to spare before my flight from Philadelphia to Minneapolis departed so I made a brief visit to the United Club located in between the C and D terminals.

I accessed the lounge using a United Club pass that I purchased online.

Upon arrival I pressed the doorbell in order to access the lounge. The agent unlocked the door immediately. After welcoming me, the agent asked for my access card or boarding pass. I presented the pass and she thanked me and scanned it. The agent asked for my identification card. After I provided it she thanked me and asked if I visited the club before. I said no and she informed me about the club services included the self service snacks and the hosted bar. She asked me to enjoy the lounge.



















































The lounge has two main areas. One to the right of the desk and the other to the left of the reception desk. The lounge offered a variety of seating options. In between most of the chairs there were power outlets available.


























The lounge also had a separate area where the bar was located. The bar was staffed by a bartender and it offered complimentary and for-purchase items. The bar featured a few high top seats as well as a few tables.

The self service snack area offered soup, hummus, fruit, red peppers, olives, cheese, crackers, cookies, water and a variety of coffee items.

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The self service area had glass plates and silver flatware. In addition, the soup was served in glass bowls. The area was setup neatly and all of the food items were stocked and signed and it looked appealing.

The lounge area was clean and it was maintained. Two colleagues were noted to circulate the area to clean and restock the food items.

I approached the bar and the bartender greeted me and offered to prepare a beverage. I requested a bloody mary that was spicy. He thanked me and he prepared it in front of me using a shaker.

The bartender presented the beverage to me and he asked me to enjoy it. The beverage was placed on a cocktail napkin.

The bloody mary was strong and it had a good taste and seasoning level. It was served in a tall clean glass.

From the self service snack area, I selected a plate with hummus, crackers, cheese and oatmeal raisin cookies.
















The hummus was served chilled. The hummus had a good flavor and it was topped with red pepper and it had an excellent taste. The crackers were fresh and a variety of options were available. The cheese was cubed yellow cheese. The cheese had a good sharp cheddar taste. The oatmeal raisin cookies were served at room temperature and they were slightly dry.

I took a seat at one of the chairs and relaxed for a few minutes before my flight.

When I received notification that the flight was boarding, I departed the lounge. The agent at the desk thanked me and she wished me a good flight as I walked out of the lounge.

Overall the lounge was enjoyable. I felt that the food options had a good taste and flavor overall and it was a nice surprise seeing glass plates, bowls and flatware. The bartender and the colleagues that I interacted with were friendly and polite. I would return to the lounge in the future.

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