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Trip Report – Westin Edina Galleria Hotel

by John the Wanderer
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My review of Westin Edina Galleria – 

As I previously mentioned, I enjoy staying at Starwood Hotels and for the past 5+ years I have been a Platinum Preferred Guest which allows me to get upgraded rooms, lounge access and a welcome amenity when I stay at a hotel.

I currently need two additional stays in order to maintain my Platinum status for 2016.



























I did another mattress run in town and this time selected the Westin Edina Galleria Hotel which is located near the areas luxury mall as well as a few miles from the Mall of America.


























I booked the hotel for a rate of about $90 per-night.

The hotel is attached to the Galleria Mall and the parking lot was nearly full when I arrived due to the mall shoppers. I eventually located a parking spot and proceeded to the lobby.


























The lobby was clean and decorated in simple and elegant tones similar to other Westin properties. The hotels signature scent was noted throughout the hallways. The lobby area was clean and it consisted of an open area near the check in desk as well as a few couches on the other side of the room. The lobby was also decorated neatly for the holiday season.



















































As I approached the desk, two colleagues were present and zero other guests were waiting. One of the colleagues invited me to the desk and he welcomed me to Westin. The colleague asked if I was checking in and he asked for my name, identification card and credit card. I presented the documents and he thanked me. The colleague used my name and he welcomed me to the hotel. The colleague acknowledged my Platinum status and he thanked me for my loyalty. The colleague informed me that I was upgraded to a club lounge and that I would be able to access the club during the stay. The colleague informed me that he would also provide points for the amenity. He did not offer a choice of other items. The colleague confirmed the length of the reservation and the check out date. The colleague offered one or two keys. I accepted two and he thanked me and he provided the keys in a Platinum key packet. The colleague used my name and he provided directions to the elevator.

The hotel featured the Westin weekend banner which noted that everyone gets late check out on the weekends.


























I utilized the elevator and I was required to scan my room card in order to select a floor.

I was assigned room 740 a king size bed room on the club floor.


























The hallway was clean. There were a few housekeeping carts in the aisle but I did not note any debris or in room dining items in the hallway.

The key opened the door and I found a decent sized king bed room.



















































The room featured a dresser and desk with a comfortable chair to use the computer as well as a coffee station. Three large drawers were available in the dresser as well as a stocked mini bar. The television was on top of the dresser and it was clean and it offered a variety of programming including some HD channels.IMG_2813


















































The room offered a view of the Southdale Mall dining area as well as the parking lot.

















The bed was clean and it was made neatly with four large pillows and one throw pillow.

A small seating area was provided with a table containing two bottles of water.IMG_2812


















































The bathroom featured a bath tub as well as a stand alone shower. The bathroom was clean and in good condition. The linens were slightly thin but they were clean and fresh. The bathroom counter featured a small area for storing personal items.


























The room was clean and comfortable. The room was quiet throughout the stay. The heating controls adjusted the room comfortably.

I utilized the Wifi to access the internet and write this post on the blog. The speed was good and I did not encounter any issues.

I visited the club lounge for the evening reception. The service is available between 5:00 PM and 7:00 PM.


























The club lounge required me to swipe my key to access it. The lounge was attended by a polite colleague.

IMG_2803 IMG_2805

















































The room was clean and it featured several tables as well as a large picture window overlooking the mall.


























A coffee area with an espresso machine and coffee condiments was available near the entrance.












































A small buffet area was setup with some hot items and some cold items. The hot appetizer was mini crab cakes. The cold appetizers were cheese and crackers with grapes, vegetables including carrots, cucumbers, red and green peppers and tomatoes, hummus and dip. There were also a meat tray featuring ham, salami and beef. All the food looked appetizing and the station was setup neatly.

In addition, a refrigerator was present that was stocked with juice, water bottles and sodas.


























An alcohol station was setup and a sign indicated the cost for drinks. Beers, mixed drinks and wine was available for a fee. I did not order a drink.
















Upon arrival, the colleague welcomed me warmly and she made light conversation with me. The colleague was noted to keep the buffet area stocked and clean and she greeted other guests as they arrived and offered beverages.

From the buffet I selected crab cakes, cheese, meat and vegetables with hummus.


























The crab cakes were served warm. The cakes were light and they had a good taste and flavor. The crab was mild. It was served with a light sauce that was tangy.

The cheese was cut into small pieces and three or four varieties were provided. The cheese had an excellent taste and flavor. The meat was also fresh and it had a good flavor.

























The vegetables were fresh and they had an excellent taste. The hummus had a mild flavor and it was also fresh.

When I was ready to depart the lounge, the colleague thanked me sincerely and she asked me to have a good evening.

The club also served breakfast from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM. I departed the hotel early so I did not get to check out the club lounge; however, if it was anything like the evening service it would have been a nice addition.

When I was ready to depart the hotel, I approached the front desk and was assisted by a colleague who welcomed me and he offered assistance. After I requested to check out, he thanked me and he asked for my name and he noted my room number from the key packet that I returned. The colleague asked me about my stay. I said that it was good and he thanked me. He reviewed the charges before offering to send an email copy of the folio. I accepted and the colleague confirmed my email address before thanking me and he invited me to return in the future. The colleague wished me a pleasant day.

I departed the hotel happy knowing that I now only need one more stay before the end of the year.

Overall the Westin Edina Galleria was excellent. I enjoyed the hospitality from the colleagues. The room was clean and comfortable. I would return in the future.


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