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More Great Travel Deals

by John the Wanderer
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More Great Travel Deals

Experience Not The Destination

There have been a lot of awesome travel deals over the past week.

It seems the airlines are back at it attacking each others hub cities with some amazing deals.

This past week there have been sale fares to Europe for as low as $375 on United, Delta and American.

There have also been deals where you can fly to Sydney for around $700.

I have previously talked about booking great deals

Travel for the Experience Not the Destination?

Airfare Deals to Book Right Now

I use several different sources in order to find these deals. I highly recommend that you should use them as well. You can sign up for each on Twitter and Facebook where you will be notified whenever they post a new deal:

The Flight Deal

Fare Deal Alert

Secret Flying

I check these webpages a few times a day.

The Flight Deal and Fare Deal Alert focus primarily on the main airline alliances while Secret Flying includes all airlines.

An example of the difference would be I see more deals for American Airlines, Delta and United on The Flight Deal and Fare Deal Alert as well as their international partners in One World, Sky Team and Star Alliance. On Secret Flying I see all airlines.

Most of the deals are very short lived but when you find one that works, book it right away and make use of the 24-hour free cancellation period as you check to make sure the dates work.

One of the recent deals posted on Secret Flying was a deal from Los Angeles to London for Paris for about $450. One of them was on Air New Zealand on their fifth freedom flight between Los Angeles and London and the other was on XL Airways which is non-alliance airline offering international destinations.

Typical fares to Europe in the Summer are closer to $1,000 so finding a deal that low is amazing.

In fact, the fares to Paris and London were so low that it could actually be free by redeeming 40,000 points from the Barclay Arrival Card and applying that to the payment of the airfare. Barclay currently offers a 40,000 bonus point offer for spend within the first three months of opening the card. You could combine that with other award programs and redeem for free hotel stays making for a great European summer vacation.

If you don’t have the Barclay Arrival Card, you may be able to apply. Check out my Credit Card Page for that and other credit cards and you can apply.

Were you able to book one of the deals?


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