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Escape Lounge Christmas Experience

by John the Wanderer
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Escape Lounge Christmas Experience

This article is Escape Lounge Christmas Experience. It is a brief review of my experience while I was traveling during the holidays.

The Escape Lounge review is part of my Christmas Travel Trip Report.

Escape Lounge Christmas Experience

Escape Lounge

I really enjoy visiting the Escape Lounge at MSP. It is an outstanding lounge that is generally not very busy. The staff is friendly and they serve some good food and drinks. The lounge’s modern décor is a pleasant detour from the typical airport experience.

I have visited the lounge numerous times now and have reviewed it several. You can check out my other reviews: Delays Made Easy, Escape Lounge, Afternoon Review.


I am able to visit the Escape Lounge thanks to my American Express Platinum card. The card offers a great lounge collection including the Centurion Lounges. In addition, the card offers Priority Pass access.

I can also access the Delta Sky Clubs when I have traveling on Delta thanks to the card.

If you do not have the card, you can purchase a day pass for about $40.

If you have Priority Pass, you can access the PGA Golf Lounge where you get $15 per person towards food from Ike’s. You can also use it to try one of the gold simulators.


The Escape Lounge MSP is located on the second floor of the mall area near the E gates.

It is located upstairs from French Meadow Bakery as well as across from the PGA Golf Club.


When I arrived for Escape Lounge Christmas Experience, a friendly agent welcomed me and requested my American Express Card, ID and boarding pass. After I provided them, she thanked me and asked if I visited the lounge before. I said yes and she welcomed me back and invited me to enjoy the experience.

The lounge was 5% occupied when I arrived and there were plenty of seats available.


The lounge offers several different seating areas with various types of tables and chairs.

Escape Lounge Christmas Experience

Some of the areas feature modern and trendy looking seats, while others offer standard seats.

Escape Lounge Christmas Experience

Escape Lounge Christmas Experience

There are partitions and walls setup to make the lounge feel private.

The buffet is located at the center of the lounge.

The bar is in the room towards the back.

Escape Lounge Christmas Experience

Food Options

The Escape Lounge offers hot food and chilled items throughout the day.

My visit on this trip was in the evening.

The hot food included a taco bar, hot sandwiches and soup.

Escape Lounge Christmas Experience

Escape Lounge Christmas ExperienceThe chilled items included a salad bar, cheese, meat, crackers and dessert area. In addition, pre-made salads and hummus was also available.

Escape Lounge Christmas ExperienceEscape Lounge Christmas Experience

Escape Lounge Christmas Experience

A dessert station was present with a milk and cookie bar as well as other pastries near the coffee area.

Escape Lounge Christmas Experience

Lounge Experience

I located a seat in the middle area near the windows.

The table and chair was comfortable and I relaxed for a while.

I approached the bar to request a beverage and the bartender greeted me and offered assistance.

I ordered a Prosecco and was provided one in a flute.

Escape Lounge Christmas Experience

The bartender checked in with me while I was seated and offered a refill.

The Prosecco was served chilled and it was mild and it had an excellent flavor.

I made a salad from the buffet and enjoyed that while I waited for my flight.

I used the WiFi and the speed was excellent and I was able to load webpages and stream videos.


When I was ready to depart the Escape Lounge Christmas Experience, the bartender thanked me when I departed and she wished me a good flight.

In addition, the agent at the desk also thanked me and wished me a good day.

The lounge was approximately 15% full when I departed.


It was another excellent visit to the Escape Lounge. The team members were friendly and welcoming and it was nice that they checked in with me while I was at a table. The food was excellent and the beverages were excellent. The lounge was quiet and it was a relaxing spot during the busy holiday travel season.

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