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Escape Lounge MSP

by John the Wanderer
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Escape Lounge MSP

This post covers my visit to Escape Lounge MSP Airport.

This post covers my visit to Escape Lounge MSP Airport.

One of the best Priority Pass lounges domestically is Escape Lounge. There happens to be one at MSP airport, which I frequently get to visit.

I have previously reviewed the lounge: here, here and here.

This review will focus on the lounge experience during my visit.


I arrived at the lounge and was promptly greeted by an agent at the desk who requested my access card and boarding pass.

I provided my Priority Pass card and boarding pass and the agent inquired if I visited the lounge in the past. When I said I’d visited before, she thanked me and welcomed me back.

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Lounge Visit

The lounge had a moderate level of business during my visit. I located a seat near the window and relaxed for a while.

Escape Lounge MSP

Most of the tables and chairs near the window were taken; however, there were several other seating options available.

Escape Lounge MSP

The bar area was busy with activity and there were a couple groups of people socializing during the visit which made for a lively and fun experience.

Food Options

The lounge offered several hot food items during the visit including bbq beef sliders, Cuban sandwich’s, soup and some breakfast items.

Escape Lounge MSPEscape Lounge MSP

In addition, there were several salads, fruit, chilled and sandwiches and other snacks available.

Escape Lounge MSP

All the food items were labeled and the food looked appetizing.

An attendant greeted me while I was near the buffet area and he welcomed me to the lounge and offered assistance.

The buffet area was low in supply of flatware and only spoons were available during the time of my visit. The forks and knifes were out of stock. In addition, there were no bowls present for soap. The dishes were clean and in good condition.


I selected a salad, bbq slider and Cuban sandwich for lunch.

Escape Lounge MSP

The BBQ slider was served hot. The slider had a warm bun that was toasted. The beef was seasoned well and it had a Korean flavor. The beef was topped with kimchi that also added to the flavor.

The Cuban sandwich was served warm. The sandwich was fresh and it had a good taste.

The salad was a lentil salad with lettuce, feta cheese and onions. The salad was fresh and it had a good taste.

Escape Lounge MSP

I also made a Cappuccino from the self-service machine.

Escape Lounge MSP

The cappuccino was served hot. The espresso was fresh and it had a creamy milk flavor.

A server greeted me after I finished the lunch and he offered to remove the used dish. The server also asked if I needed anything further.


After relaxing for about 30 minutes, I departed the lounge. One agent was present at the desk and he thanked me as I walked by.

The lounge had a light level of customers at the time of my departure.


This was another great visit to the Escape Lounge. It is awesome that this lounge is available at my home airport. I always enjoy the visit as the staff is friendly and welcoming. The food was good overall and the only drawback for this visit was the lack of clean flatware.

What do you think about the Escape Lounge MSP?


MeanMeosh May 12, 2017 - 10:12 pm

That’s an impressive array of food or a domestic lounge. Way better than either the PP lounge or the Admirals Club at DFW.

Delays made easy at Escape Lounge MSP - First2Board October 22, 2017 - 4:03 pm

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